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Useful Tips - Earning Silver

Dernière modification : 18 juin 2024, 10:10 (UTC)

Time is money, Adventurers! 

So, whether you have only few minutes to spare or several hours, here are a few juicy tips to help you earn a little extra silver. 

1. Weekly Quests (Lara's Great Discovery and Bread)

Weekly quests are quests you can complete once every week. 
One especially loved by Adventurers is “[Weekly] Lara's Great Discovery and Bread”, which can be accepted in Heidel. 

This simple but rewarding quest is great for obtaining Scorched Fragments, which are a key ingredient of the expensive Manos accessories. 


How to proceed with "[Weekly] Lara's Great Discovery and Bread" 


Accept the quest from "Lara", the General Goods Vendor in Heidel. 

Hand over Dough x100 (made from Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat, Barley, or Corn) to Lara 

Dough can be crafted by "Shaking" Mineral Water with a 1:1 ratio of powder made from one of the above-mentioned ingredients. 

Select “Scorched Fragment” as a quest reward. 

Complete this quest every week until you accumulate 15 "Small Four-leaf Clover" (a standard quest reward), then talk to Lara to accept the quest "Small Fortunes Yields Big Fortune". 

Complete "Small Fortunes Yields Big Fortune" then proceed with the Bonus quest. 

Repeat steps 1 to 5! 


Use the above method to continually gather Scorched Fragments and other necessary ingredients to craft Manos accessories (earring, ring, belt, necklace), then sell them on the Central Market. 
* You can purchase the powders necessary for the dough from the market.  
* The other materials necessary for crafting Manos accessories can be purchased from markets as well. 


2. Auto-fishing

▲ Velia coast, a popular auto-fishing spot for Adventurers! 

"Auto-fishing" enables your character to fish automatically and is another great way to earn silver. Have your character cast their line at your desired fishing spot and then wait for a little time to pass. Before long, they’ll have caught several fish which you can use for Bartering or Imperial Delivery! It’s not without reason that auto-fishing is one of Black Desert’s more popular AFK activities.  
* The following preparations will make your auto-fishing more efficient. 

  1. Make sure you have ample inventory space available.  
  2. Utilize items that will reduce auto-fishing time, such as the Balenos Fishing Rod and pets (e.g. Lost Penguin).  
  3. Work towards getting a High Fishing Level (up to +5) 


3. Magical Seeds

▲ A magical seed (e.g.: Hump Mushroom) 

Adventurers who have achieved Farming Artisan Mastery or higher can reap extra silver by planting Magical Seeds, which have a chance of dropping each time Plant Breeding is performed on a crop. 

By planting Magical Seeds then performing Plant Breeding, you have a chance of obtaining an Unusual Fruit, Mutant Plant, Plant with Rotting Roots, Seed Half Eaten by a Bird, or Premature Fruit. 

Stonetail Fodder, which is needed for Dream Horses, can then be acquired by using Simple Cooking on two of these crops! 


▲ Stonetail Fodder 

When you perform Plant Breeding on a Magical Seed, you are guaranteed to obtain at least one more Magical Seed, thus making this a largely beneficial means of making silver as you can continue farming with Magical Seeds and sell any excess to vendors for profit. 

* You can use Magical Seeds in Farming to gain fruits via Plant Breeding. Alternatively, you can harvest them instead to obtain a heap of crops that can be sold to vendors for a profit. 

* For Adventurers who have yet to try out their green thumb in Farming, please refer to this [guide] below to learn how to get your Farming to Artisan mastery. 


4. World Bosses

You can obtain boxes with world boss gear, crystals, gold bars, etc., by defeating World Bosses. If you’re lucky, you might also obtain more valuable items such as Vell’s Heart and Garmoth’s Heart. 
But what do you do if Garmoth appears suddenly while you’re busy fighting monsters all the way over in Titium Valley? 

World Bosses appear all over the world of Black Desert, but many canny Adventurers have started placing certain characters near these specific locations to catch them the moment they appear. 

▲ e.g.) Characters placed to hunt down World Bosses 


Using the above method, you’ll be able to consistently fight world bosses the moment they appear. This will grant you a steady income and pave your way to becoming a BDO gazillionaire! 
* Please refer to the following [guide] for more details on World Bosses.


5. Dark Rift

▲ You can see the locations of Dark Rifts on the World Map (M). 

Defeating Bosses that appear from the Dark Rifts scattered across the world of Black Desert is another great way of obtaining silver. You can get quality accessories from the boxes they drop, a whole heap of Ancient Spirit Dust and, if you’re really lucky, maybe even “Remnants of the Rift,” which is a material required for crafting Blackstar gear.
There are slight differences depending on which Dark Rift Boss you fight, but you should be able to kill these Bosses if your character is lv. 60 or higher and has PEN (V) Tuvala or Narchillan gear. 
But even if you feel you lack the necessary level or gear to take these Bosses on, give it a try anyway. As your character won’t lose EXP or break crystals if they die at the hands of Dark Rift Bosses, you really have nothing to lose! 
* Ancient Spirit Dust is used in Simple Alchemy to make Caphras Stones. Once crafted, you can then use them yourself or sell them on the Central Market. 

* Dark Rifts respawn a certain amount of time after a Dark Rift Boss has been defeated. 


6. Black Spirit’s Adventure

The last tip on this list— the Black Spirit’s Adventure. You can open this window in-game by going to Menu (Hotkey: ESC) > Rewards > Black Spirit’s Adventure. This mini-game has you move the Black Spirit around a game board to unlock rewards along the way. You’ll be given a new pair of dice to roll every 30 minutes, 3 times per day. If the Oasis Buff is active, this increases to 5 pairs of dice per day. So next time you log in to your adventures, be sure to collect your dice and start rolling for those free rewards! 
* Check the following [guide] if you want to know the details about this content.



Check out other tips on the link below! 


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* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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