Black Desert va commencer dans quelques instants.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert si le jeu ne se lance pas.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

Le jeu sera lancé si le lanceur est déjà installé.
Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Manage Currency Interface

Dernière modification : 8 mai 2024, 12:45 (UTC)

Seals obtained through worker tasks, Imperial Delivery, Node/Conquest War, Coelacanths caught through fishing, and other similar items will now be stored in this UI, not in your inventory or storage.

With this, you no longer need to interact with NPCs located in various places for related quests or exchanges and can now exchange them through this UI. 


How to access the Manage Currency Interface Click the Manage Currency icon  on the top right of the screen.
Main Menu (Esc) > Rewards (F3) > Manage Currency Menu
All of the items below will be moved to the UI and will be viewable/tradeable from the UI:
Items Stored in the Manage Currency UI
[Season] Seal of Journey [Event] Old Moon Boss Seal [Event] Radiant Shakatu's Seal [Event] Shining Shakatu's Seal
[Event] Shakatu's Seal [Event] Jewel of Imperfect Power Resplendent Medal of Honor Plump Coelacanth
Seal of the Undying Seal of Solare [Event] Jetina's Golden Seal Hunter's Seal
Dark Spirit's Greed Dehkima: Token of the Oath Atanis' Element Golden Seal - [Imperial Alchemy]
Golden Seal - [Imperial Fishing] Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] Golden Seal - [Imperial Conquest] Golden Seal - [Work Supervisor]
Golden Seal - [Imperial Cuisine] [Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice
(Yellow Grade)
[Event] Remnants of Destiny -

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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