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Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Character Profile

Dernière modification : 10 avr. 2024, 15:13 (UTC)
▲ Press the ‘P‘ key on your keyboard or click ‘My Stats’ in the
Character section of the main menu to open your character’s profile!


The first information you will see here in the top left will be a picture of your character, its class icon, level, followed by the character’s name, family name, character’s health, MP, weight, and total playtime of that character.

◈ Level

Levels serve to measure your progression and give an indication of your strength. As you level up, you will receive skill points and increased carry weight, health points, and for example resistances.


The level difference between a monster and player can be identified by the color of the monster’s name. While defeating low-level monsters will have diminished rewards, higher level monsters will yield greater experience, but they’re more difficult to defeat.



◈ Family Name

Your family name is a unique name chosen for all of your characters on a specific server (NA or EU). It is displayed above every character you create, and once set, it can only be changed via a specific coupon gifted by the game during occasional events or purchased in the Pearl Shop.


Please note that the family name is chosen after your character creation once you are already in the game.


After completing the tutorial, you can press Enter to open the following interface below. You can choose your family name any time you want, so don't feel rushed to choose a family name right away after starting the game. However, keep in mind that you will be given a temporary family name such as Adventurer6583 until you choose one.



◈ Health

You will gain health points (HP) matching your overall level & health level, increasing the amount of damage you can take before being defeated.


Over time, any lost health points will regenerate, but you can restore health quickly by consuming potions and using certain skills.


When your health is reduced to zero your character will be knocked unconscious. Once unconscious, you are allowed to revive on the spot with a special item, or you can opt to return to the nearest node or town.



◈ Skill Resource

In order for a character to use a skill, each class has a unique skill resource.


– Warrior, Berserker, Lahn, Musa, Maehwa, Mystic, Striker, Kunoichi, Ninja, Guardian, and Drakania use Willpower (WP) as their skill resource.

– Sorceress, Tamer, Witch, Wizard, Hashashin, Corsair, Sage, Ranger, Archer, Shai, Woosa, Maegu, and Dark Knight use Magic Power (MP) as their skill resource.

– Valkyrie and Nova use Sacred Power (SP) as their skill resource.


Among these, MP and WP are recovered gradually over time, but SP is not.
Most skills use up skill resources, but you can also use certain skills to attack or defend from your opponent to restore a certain amount of your skill resource.


Keep in mind that, the more powerful a skill is, the more resources it consumes.
On the other hand, if you use a skill with its unique key command instead of registering it in a quick slot, you can also reduce the consumption of skill resources.


Regardless of the resource type of each class, you can also restore it by consuming MP potions.


Potions can be purchased through General Goods Vendor NPCs in each town, and can be obtained as rewards for completing certain quests. You will recover as much MP/WP/SP as the size of the potion: small / medium / large / extra-large.


▲ Every class has skills to restore its own skill resource.


If you find it hard to get MP potions, or find that the weight of potions is burdensome, it is also possible to restore skill resources with Herbal Juice, which is obtained via simple alchemy.


To get Herbal Juice, gather Sunrise Herb, Silver Azalea, Dry Mane Grass, Silk Honey Grass, Fire Flake Flower, or Weeds, and process them with Mineral Water using Simple Alchemy (hotkey: L). These plants can be found in the wild and gathered, and the resulting Herbal Juice weighs less than potions.


You may further process Herbal Juice through simple alchemy into Concentrated Herbal Juice, High-Concentrated Herbal Juice, and Refined Herbal Juice, each one more potent than the previous one.


Additionally, through skill specialization, also known as Skill Add-ons, you can add recovery effects of MP/WP/SP to a skill to effectively manage your skill resources without depending on potions or Herbal Juice during combat.

For every 2 levels achieved after reaching Lv. 50, you can choose one skill and two possible effects that can be added. Some of them recover MP/WP/SP.


▲ From Lv. 50 to Lv. 60 a character can add a variety of effects to skills.

◈ Weight

A number that represents the weight of the items you can hold at the time.


As your body gets heavier, if you go over the weight limit your movement speed and attack speed will gradually decrease.


Item weight limit cannot exceed a maximum of 170% of the total capacity, with 100% being the limit before starting to receive penalties due to being overweight. Therefore, once you reach this percentage you may not be able to acquire or purchase further items.


All movement and attack speed is normal up to 100% of weight, it is slightly slower between 101 ~ 125%, a lot slower at 126 ~ 150%, and you might find yourself unable to move after that.


Note that you cannot jump after weight exceeds 126%.


Mounts such as donkeys, mini elephants, wagons, etc. can carry more weight than characters do.


▲ As weight increases, movement slows down, so you need to empty your inventory or unload items to reduce weight.


◈ Family Playtime

The total amount of time you’ve played with all your existing characters, in days. Hover your cursor over Family Playtime to see your family's total playtime displayed in hours.
You can check your character's total playtime in the History tab.
◈ Fame

As you level up characters, level up their Life Skills, and gain knowledge entries and Contribution Points, your fame will increase.


The more fame you earn, the bigger the benefits the game will bestow upon you. The more combat, life, and special fame you gain, the more silver you’re given passively every day.


The more family fame you have, the sum of the previous three types, the more extra silver you can collect from Central Market operations. At the highest benefit obtainable you can also have an additional +10% item drop rate.

◈ Karma

This numeric figure represents the character's karma.


When defeating monsters, the figure goes up. When you defeat other players non-consensually, steal from NPCs, or kill protected fauna such as horses or other animals in Kamasylvia, the number goes down.


If a character is Lv. 50 or above, has activated PvP mode, and attacks or defeats another Adventurer, the karma value will decrease drastically.


If the karma value is less than 0, the character's name is displayed in red, and they’ll be attacked by the guards protecting the different towns of the world. The character may also be attacked by other



If your character is defeated when they’re at a negative karma number, there may be major disadvantages and penalties applied, such as the possible decrease in enhancement level of the equipment worn by the character.

➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Karma] and [Death Penalties] pages.

◈ Naval Fame

A family-wide numeric figure that represents your standing at sea. Above 0, you’re considered a law-abiding marine. Below 0, you’re considered a pirate.


Damaging or destroying another Adventurer’s ship will decrease your naval fame.


If you’re a pirate your ship will be marked in red, which will allow other Adventurers to attack it without having to activate PvP mode.


Additionally, pirates are not welcomed in most wharves, and will only be able to load supplies in the pirate haven of the Kuit Islands.


Naval fame can be recovered by defeating sea monsters and doing a repeatable quests in Velia from the NPC Hans.

◈ Energy

This is a renewable point currency that can be spent when a character interacts with NPCs or performs certain actions in the game.


It is mainly used to raise amity with NPCs, and to obtain knowledge entries. The maximum number of energy points that you have is shared by all characters in your family.
However, the energy points that you currently hold may be different for each character in your family, as they’re spent independently for each one.


You restore 1 energy point every 3 minutes when you’re online with a character, and 1 per hour for all other off-line characters.
Therefore, if you need to consume a lot of energy, it may be helpful to create multiple characters.


You can recover energy more quickly if you complete certain repeatable quests in towns, lie on a bed you have installed in your residence, relax at certain locations in the game world, or consume energy potions. These can be obtained by yourself by exchanging energy through NPC Alustin, or by purchasing them from other Adventurers in the Central Market.
From time to time, event versions of these potions, called energy tonics, are given by the game during events, and they can also be earned from the Black Spirit’s Adventure minigame.


The maximum amount of energy points starts at 30, and is increased each time you complete a knowledge topic.


The easiest way to increase the maximum points of energy is to talk to all the merchants in towns, and node managers throughout the world.



➤ You can read more about this in the [Energy] page.

◈ Contribution Points

This number indicates the extent to which you have contributed to the world’s various societies, and can be used in a few different ways. They can be used to invest in nodes, to link trade routes, or to have workers gather materials from each location. They’re also employed when purchasing houses in town, or borrowing certain items from an NPC. They are not spent and regenerated like energy points, and thus you can take back any contribution point you spent on your investment and rental at any time by undoing your actions (uninvesting, returning the rented item).


The easy way to raise your contribution points is to do quests that give contribution experience. You will see most quests in the world reward this type of experience. Resolve the troubles of NPCs you encounter and enjoy the rewards.
You can also earn contribution experience by exchanging byproducts obtained in certain Life Skills.

➤ You can read more about this in the [Contribution] page.

◈ Skill Points
Skill experience to earn skill points is obtained by defeating monsters and completing quests. By allocating the points, you can acquire and upgrade combat skills.

➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Skills] page.
◈ Musicianship
As you advance in your musicianship grade, the number of measures and notes will increase. You can advance grades by doing music quests.

➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Enhancement] page.
◈ Enhancement Chance
The number here is the total enhancement chance for the character. Hovering the cursor over the icon will let you see the breakdown of sections that sum up your total enhancement chance.

➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Music Album, Compose & Play] page.
◈ Horoscope

This displays the horoscope’s constellation to which the character belongs. One can earn more amity with NPCs of the same horoscope when conversing with them.


The horoscope of the NPC can be found in the amity window.


The horoscope’s constellation must be set when a character is created, and it cannot be changed again.



Battle Statistics

◈ Fitness

Physical training increases the character’s basic fitness ability.


– Breath: Walk or run around without the use of a mount to increase it. As you level it up, a character’s stamina is increased permanently.

– Strength: Travel with a trade pack to increase it. You will see a character has a backpack on it and moves slower when there is a trade good item in its inventory. As you level it up, the total weight limit of the character is increased permanently.

– Health: Eat food to increase it. Dishes can be cooked by yourself, can be obtained as quest rewards, and can be purchased from the Central Market. As you level it up, the total HP of the character is increased permanently.

◈ Ability

These values represent the ability potential inherent to the character.


You can increase them through various ways, such as wearing certain equipment, or consuming cooked dishes or elixirs.


Each ability has 5 levels.


Note that these levels can decrease as well if you receive a debuff or have an equipment piece decreasing them.


The effect of each ability is as follows:


– Attack Speed: A higher level increases attack speed. Attack speed affects the Warrior, Hashashin, Ranger, Guardian, Drakania, Corsair, Lahn, Berserker, Tamer, Shai, Striker, Musa, Maehwa, Mystic, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, and Archer classes when they execute skills.

– Casting Speed: A higher level increases the casting speed of skills. Casting speed affects the Sage, Sorceress, Nova, Woosa, Maegu, Valkyrie, Witch, and Wizard classes when they execute skills.

– Movement Speed: A higher level increases movement speed, which makes you move around faster.

– Critical Hit: A higher level increases the critical hit rate.

– Fishing: A higher level shortens the time taken up until a fish bites.

– Gathering: A higher level shortens the time taken for all gathering activities.

– Luck: A higher level increases the item drop rate for your character.

◈ AP

It is the sum of the attack power of the equipment worn by the character, and it affects the amount of damage the character can deal.


The attack power figure summarizes the attack strength of the worn equipment, not including any increase due to magical crystals or skill add-ons.

◈ DP
It is the sum of the defense power of the equipment worn by the character, which reduces damage received from enemy attacks.
◈ Combat Type
The type of combat the class employs. It can be melee, ranged, or magic.
◈ Stamina

Stamina is a number that indicates how long a character can be active without getting tired.


If the total stamina increases, the character can sprint (Shift + W) for a longer time, and some skills that consume stamina can be used more often.


If stamina is all used up, there will be disadvantages. For example, sprinting will not be possible, and swimming speed will decrease drastically.


Stamina recovers quickly once you’re not sprinting, swimming, diving, or using it for a skill.
However, it does not recover naturally if you’re doing any of those activities.

◈ Resistance

As a resistance value rises, it’s more likely that you don’t get affected by an opponent’s debuffs.


The basic resistance value for all characters is 20% for each type, and it can be increased through the use of certain types of equipment items, consumables, or using skills that increase their value. You can also increase the percentage by infusing magical crystals into your equipment pieces, for example.


Even if you increase the resistance values to be higher than 80%, when engaging in PvP they will only be applicable up to 80%.


Other than that, if an opponent Adventurer has the ‘Ignore All Resistance’ effect, the resistance values actually applied may be lower than what is shown.


– Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to protect against the opponent’s Stun / Stiffness / Freezing debuff effects.

– Knockdown/Bound Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to protect against the opponent’s Knockdown/Bound debuff effects.

– Grapple Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to protect against the opponent’s Grapple debuff effects.

– Knockback/Floating Resistance: The higher the number, the greater the chance to protect against the opponent’s Knockback/Floating debuff effects.

◈ Item Drop Rate
The total item drop rate currently applied to your character. A maximum of 300% increased item drop rate can be applied, not counting a couple of buffs that can exceed it: being in the Arsha Server, and Territory Occupation benefits.

Life Skills Information

Each time you perform a Life Skill activity, you can earn experience points and raise its level.


As the level of a Life Skill rises, effects such as obtaining additional rewards or increasing its efficiency when you carry out the activity are unlocked.


In addition to that, every time a Life Skill reaches a certain level, you will unlock the ability to wear Life Skill clothes sold by luxury goods merchants in towns and use better performing tools related to the activity.

◈ Gathering
Higher levels increase the chance to not consume energy while gathering.
◈ Fishing
Higher levels let you discover flocks of seagulls more frequently. These always contain yellow-grade fish. With higher levels, your fishing rod will lose durability more slowly.
Depending on your fishing level, you can set the grade of fish you wish to automatically discard during auto-fishing.

– From Professional 1, you can discard white and green-grade fish.
– From Artisan 1, the previous ones and blue-grade fish.
– From Master 1, the previous ones and yellow-grade fish.
◈ Hunting
Higher levels allow access to better hunting matchlocks. While normally you can load up to 3 shots in a matchlock, from Guru Life Skill level onward you can load up 4 shots.
◈ Cooking
Higher levels increase the number of items produced and the types of items that can be obtained.
◈ Alchemy
Higher levels increase the number of items produced and the types of items that can be obtained.
◈ Processing
Higher levels increase the number of items produced and the types of items that can be obtained.
◈ Training
Higher levels increase the mount experience gained and the horse capture rates. The higher the Life Skill level, the more chance there is for the mount you’re training to both learn a skill when it gains a level and for it to gain a higher base movement speed. The Life Skill level also increases the amount of silver received when using the horse and breeding markets.
◈ Trading
Higher levels increase the bargain profits.
◈ Farming
Higher levels reduce energy consumption and increase the speed at which you harvest, do plant breeding, prune plants, and kill pests in them.
◈ Sailing
Higher levels will grant access to a wider variety of ship skills.
Sailing experience can be obtained by maneuvering ships in the open sea areas and carrying out quests.
◈ Barter
Higher levels reduce the amount of parley required for each barter attempt.
The Learn More tab will redirect you to the Life Skills tab, which will allow you to gain a deeper insight into how Life Skill Mastery affects the various Life Skills, the mastery level you currently have on all of them, and the effects you’re obtaining from it.

➤ You can read more about the different Life Skills in the [Life Skill Overview] page.


You can compare the ranking for each field, including the various Life Skills levels, overall wealth, character growth, and Red Battlefield score. You can see the family name, character name, and the joined guild of the Adventurers who rank in from the 1st to the 30th place for each field.


If you are not in the 30 first places, you are given a position in a category from A to E.


Field ranking will only count information of adventurers on the same server.



Titles are a way to show yourself and others milestones you’ve achieved during your time in the game. From defeating a strong boss, obtaining a rare item, advancing through your Life Skills, or participating in an event, there are titles for all kinds of activities.


Titles are divided into four categories: World, Combat, Life, and Fishing.


Each title has a required action to take to obtain it. As you check each one, you’ll see the left side will tell you how to get it.


A title can be displayed on top of your character’s name, and while each individual title has no effect on its own, the more titles you obtain the greater the benefit you’ll receive.


▲ The title you earned can be displayed on the top of your character’s name by pressing ‘Apply’.


The more titles you obtain, the more maximum energy and stamina you will be awarded, as well as being given passive bonuses such as additional item drop rate via the Luck statistic, and additional increased experience.



This tab automatically records various actions taken from the time a character is created.
The base unit to record is a day, and you can check the detailed recording time by hovering the cursor over each event.


The journal is important in case you want to look back on your adventure.

▲ You can view various records such as the character leveling up,
enhancement attempts, quests completed, titles obtained, etc. at a single glance.


Challenges is an achievement system consisting of rewards that enable the users to enjoy the game more smoothly as they progress.


Each achievement has a clear direction to obtain it, and all of them are displayed from the moment you create a character.


The different tabs represent challenges to be completed by reaching a goal, like leveling up, given after spending enough time playing the game, and those available via ongoing events.
The other tabs show you challenges already completed, and rewards to claim.


For challenges requiring playtime, keep in mind they only count time spent within the game. Time spent on the launcher, the title screen, or anything else outside of being logged in with a character into the world will not be counted toward completing these.


A notification in the bottom right will tell you when you have unclaimed rewards from completed challenges.

▲ The rewards for completing challenges are fairly useful.
▲ Click the notification icon at the bottom right
to go to the window where you can get rewards.


This section shows a few useful statistics divided by time periods: 1 day, a week, a month, and total.
The statistics are: The amount of monsters defeated, amount of items fished, the number of items looted, and amount of weight from items looted.
▲ Click the notification icon at the bottom right to go to the window where you can get rewards.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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