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Nova Lore

Dernière modification : 20 mars 2024, 00:44 (UTC)

◈ The Last Star of the Kingdom of Calpheon


“The Quturan only allows good children to enter the promised land of O’dyllita.”


Father, I’ve heard the lullabies you sung of the days of a kingdom long gone from within the sandstorms that tore you away from me.  
The tale of one thornwood tree that took in poor children, those born in the distant Arid Land abandoned by the God of Light.


“Every day, the children would offer up seven prayers to be chosen on the day of the brightest moon to be granted entry into the roots of the Quturan, the only door set for the promised land. But in times of war in the country, they would head to the frontlines, wielding the morning star and shield they had trained with.”


And when the burning sands swallowed you up without leaving a trace, I saw that thornwood tree of legend comfort those children, whose sleeves were wet with tears, then swallow them whole.

Upon returning to scenes of your death, you who were the entire world to me, why, oh why, did I recall images of a kingdom beyond my distant memories?


“The demon who buried her own father in the desert”  
“A monster with the blood of a horrid witch”


The night I realized that such loyalty and pity were all for naught, I dreamed of your words, that no throne remains untainted by blood. There I witnessed a lone woman, seated with the crown of the Quturan, the thornwood tree. Seemingly wrapped in the icy cold winds of winter, was that woman me? I could not tell.


And yet, “Every year, on the day of the darkest moon, the children would return from the roots of the Quturan, the only door set for O’dyllita, and would pray seven times. Hearing that they received the blessing of the goddess who was cast aside from the promised land like themselves, they came to shed a tear no more.”


Father, I heard the laughter of children abandoned by a kingdom long gone while cleaning this basement filled with your memories. With the heart of the children who sought to enter the Quturan’s roots, filled with joy of how the world had rid any trace of me, I left the embrace of Elion, He who could not protect you, and came to this promised land.


“Delore La Sylvia. The cold star shall arise once more over my kingdom of Calpheon.”


Now, with the power of the goddess distorted in life and death, I seek to reclaim with blood what is rightfully mine, for my name is Francesca Seric, the true heir to Calpheon’s throne.


I am the last eagle, reigning over the skies, and I bear the thorn of the tree that brought the earth to its knees, so this once hopeless world shall not cast me aside anymore.


◈ The Queen of Thorns, Stained in Blood


“Warriors who bear the thorns, you are the living embodiment of the Quturan. As long as you remain living, Orzeca is eternal.”


Is there any other word that presses down on your heart like “eternity”?


Father, I have rediscovered the story about the kingdom long gone, the story you never got to tell me. It was in the Promised Land, abandoned by the God of Light. The story of High Priestess Echidna who led the abandoned children to the roots of the Quturan.


“The thorn is the gift bestowed by the goddess, with eternity as its condition.”


Echidna’s children, who slaughtered their enemies with the weapons that manifested from the thorns of the Quturan they adorned. After reading the record stating that the blood they spelt became nourishment for the Quturan and ushered in a glorious golden age for the ancient kingdom, I went down to the roots of the Quturan following Echidna’s steps.


“Only the good children that overcome the trials can become the queen.”


The smell of blood and something burnt started to pierce my nose, but am I mistaken? I think I could hear the tickling whispers of Echidna. Then when I opened my eyes again, my body was soaked in cold sweat. I do not remember how I escaped that place. However, father, I suddenly remembered the night when I saw the last star with you in Calpheon.


“Forgive me of my sins”


You said, as you handed me the golden key decorated with eagle wings.


“Forgive me for forcing you into the eternal struggle.”


This was the first and last time I saw tears in your eyes. I couldn’t understand, but your words felt so cold. So, I buried the key deep into my heart.


“Do not forget who you are. You are my one and only Francesca Seric.”


◈ Axian, the King of the Dead


The last king of the ancient kingdom that bore the bloodstained crown even after death waits for the Queen of Thorns to deliver his salvation.


Father, I read the ragged history of the ancient kingdom every time I had a nightmare, ever since the day I followed Echidna’s steps down to the roots of the Quturan.
I gathered the deserted followers to form an army, and waited for the fateful day where I will reclaim the throne as I planted the young branch of the Quturan.


“Delore La Sylvia. The cold star shall arise once more over my kingdom of Calpheon.”


However, my nightmare became a reality before the day you promised came. The girl I saw at the roots of the Quturan, that I truly believed was not real, came and found me.


With the power of the distorted goddess in life and death, I seek to reclaim what is mine.


Is she the trial from the goddess that Echidna mentioned? No, is she the fruit born by the sins you confessed, father?


My name is Francesca Seric, the rightful heir to the kingdom of Calpheon


She has my face, my voice, my memories, my emotions… She wields the morning star and blasts the chill of the distorted goddess at me.


Father, pray to the goddess that I may reign victorious. For I cannot back away from this duel.
Only the one and truthful heir to the throne will survive and possess the holy tree’s thorn.

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