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Guide de l'aventurier

Stable & Wharf

Dernière modification : 21 nov. 2023, 17:08 (UTC)

Stables and wharfs are where you can check in and manage your mounts.


Stables handle land mounts, such as horses, elephants, camels and wagons; you can manage them through the stable keeper NPCs located in every town and city, and even in some crossroads.


Wharfs handle ocean mounts, such as ships; you can manage them through wharf keeper NPCs located in towns, cities, and other piers at a river, the coast, or an island.


  1. 1. Stable
  2. 2. Wharf





◈ Stable Interface

The stable is where you can view the information and statistics of the different mounts you possess and have stored in the different stables all around the world. You can access it from the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Life (F6) → Stable, from the different stable keepers all throughout the world, and from the world map (hotkey: M).


By default, you can check in 3 mounts in a stable, and this number can be increased with a Stable Expansion Coupons. These coupons are obtained most often in the Pearl Shop by purchasing them with pearls and loyalties, and might be obtained during events as rewards and coupon gifts.


Function Description
Check In Lets you check in any mounts that are currently taken out.
However, if there are no empty spots at the stable, or the mount is too far from the stable, then you cannot check it in.
Remote Collection Lets you check in a mount that is located far away from the stable.
However, if the mount is carrying trade goods, there is a chance the trade goods will be damaged and be lost.
Recover Lets you recover your mount’s health or stamina when its health or stamina have been depleted.
Take Out Takes out the selected mount in the stable. 
Only one mount of the same type (land, ocean) can be out at a time.
If you already have a mount out and want a different one, you need to check in the previous one.
Register at Horse Market Registers the selected mount to the Horse Market for it to be purchasable by all other Adventurers.
The sales price will be determined by the mount’s tier, level, skills and gender.
Change Name Change a mount’s name by using a Mount Name Change Coupon.
Reset Death Count Reset a mount’s death count by using a Mount Resurrection Reset item.
Breeding Count Reset Reset a mount’s breeding count by using a Horse Breeding Reset item.
Register at Breeding Market Registers the selected mount at the Breeding Market. 
Only male horses can be registered, and by checking the ‘Show Only Me’ before registering, only you will see the registered mount, letting you breed at your leisure. 
Brand Lets you brand the selected mount by using a Mount Brand Spell Stone. 
Branded mounts have a lower resurrection and recovery cost, and higher chance of learning skills when leveling up. 
Usable mounts: Horse, Camel, Miniature Elephant, Donkey, Alpaca.
It cannot be used on guild mounts.
Change Appearance Change the appearance of your mount using a Horse Appearance Change Coupon.
Sell Mount Sells the selected mount to the Stable NPC. 
The sale price will be determined by the mount’s tier, level, skills, and gender. Mounts between level 1 and 14 can only be sold to stable keepers, while mounts above Lv. 15 can be sold to stable keepers outside cities.
Imperial Horse
The selected mount will be sold to the Imperial Court.
The sale price will be determined by the mount’s tier, level, skills, and gender. Only mounts that are Lv. 15 or higher can be sold to be delivered, and they can only be sold to the Imperial Court in cities.
Reset Mount Completely reset your mount’s growth (its level and acquired skills) by using a Reset Mount Growth item.
Transport Lets you transport your selected mount to a different stable.
However, you can only transport mounts to territories you’ve already discovered.
Rent Out Lets you rent out your selected horse to other Adventurers. 
Dream horses cannot be rented. 
Register Mount Registers a mount if you have an emblem in your character’s inventory.
Sell Mount Sell your mount to the stable keeper in exchange for silver and Combat EXP.


The detailed information of the selected mount will be displayed in the information window on the right-side of the mount selection screen. 



◈ Manage Mount Skills



Category Description
Learned Skill

Train: Select one of the mount’s learned skills to train the skill for it to be mastered. Mount Skill Training Coupon must be used.

Delete: Deletes a mount’s learned skill.

Train All: Trains all skills of a mount to have them mastered. Train All requires a Mount All Skill Training Coupon. 

Unlearned Skill Select one of your mount’s learned skills, and select an unlearned skill that you want to change it to. Requires a Mount Skill Change Coupon.
However, the skill may not change to the selected desired skill. 
In this event, the current skill change count will increase, and the higher this number is, the higher chance the mount will learn the desired skill. 



◈ Connect Wagon

You can connect wagons and horses together with this option.
However, in order to do this, both the wagon and all the horses must be checked in to the same stable.


When you connect a horse to a wagon, you can see the horse’s appearance as is, and connected horses will gain experience when traveling as a wagon.


For Adventurers who enjoy training horses, you can train many horses at once by attaching them to wagons.



In the image above you can see the Connect Wagon window showing a wagon and two horses. One of the horses is connected to the wagon, as seen by the chain icon and the 1/4 seen in the wagon.


Different wagons have a different amount of horses that can be connected to them.
Keep in mind that wagons count as a mount in the stable, and as such, if you wish for example to connect 4 horses to a noble wagon, you will need 5 available slot spaces in the stable.



◈ Exchange Horse

This function lets you exchange a male and a female horse checked in at the stable for a new horse. Be warned that the selected horses will disappear, as this isn’t breeding.


In addition, since you cannot know what tier the obtained horse will be, you should exchange horses only after using up their breeding count.




◈ Breeding Market

This is where you can view the list of male horses registered for breeding.



Category Description
Market List View the information and skill list of male horses registered to the Breeding Market by other Adventurers.
If you click the silver button at the bottom, you can select a female horse currently registered in the stable, and then you can select the Request Breeding to begin breeding.
However, if you do not have enough silver, you won’t be able to breed the horses. Make sure to have enough silver. 
My Registrations View the list of male horses you registered to the Breeding Market with the ‘Show Only Me’ checked.  
Unlike breeding with other Adventurers' male horses, silver is not spent. 
My Horse List View all the male horses registered by you to the Breeding Market.



◈ Horse Market



Category Description
Market List View the list of mounts registered to the horse market. 
With the filter on the left, you can filter by the desired tier, skills, and gender.
If there is a mount you want to buy, you can buy it by clicking the purchase button.
Coursers are marked by a horse head icon beneath their gender.
My Registrations View the list of mounts registered by you to the horse market.
For sold mounts, press Collect to receive the sale proceeds.
Note that the higher your Training level, the lower the market tax will be, letting you collect more silver from a sale.



◈ Rental Market

Lets you view the list of horses that other Adventurers have rented out.


After making a deposit, you can get a rental horse. While renting, the Adventurer can forcibly withdraw the horse, or this one will be automatically withdrawn after 7 days. You can see your returned horse list and click Collect Rent to get some of the original deposit returned. 






◈ Wharf Interface


Category Description
Check In Lets you check in taken out ships.
However, if there is no empty spot at the wharf, or the ship is too far away, you won’t be able to check in your ship.  
Manage Sailors This option is only available if you’ve hired sailors, and lets you embark them on your ship, recover their condition, and fire them.
Hiring sailors requires a Sailor Contract Certificate, which can be purchased from Islin Bartali, Proix, and Philaberto Falasi.
Afterwards, you can interact and hire sailors at the Lunar Halo Inn, the Dancing Marlin, or the beach at Port Epheria.
However, there may be sailors that refuse your offer.
Load Cargo Load Cargo lets you move items between your inventory or town/city storage and the ship.
However, ships cannot be loaded past its maximum weight limit and inventory slots.
Buy Supplies Lets you restore the supplies of a ship. 
The ship’s rations are consumed while navigating the seas or during the ship’s remote collection, and if the rations are low, the ship’s speed will decrease.
Remote Collection Lets you remotely collect any distant ships to the wharf.
However, any barter item loaded into the ship will be destroyed, and trade goods may be damaged.
Take Out Takes out the selected ship from the wharf.  
Only one ship can be taken out at a time, so if there is a ship already taken out, you must check in this ship to take out a new one.
Change Name Change a ship’s name by using a Mount Name Change Coupon.
Repair Damage Use silver to repair a checked in ship’s durability.
Upgrade If available, this option lets you upgrade the tier of your ship, given you have the necessary materials. From this window you can also check the entire ship upgrade tree.
Sell Sell the selected ship to the wharf manager NPC. 
Transport Transport the selected ship to a desired wharf. 
However, you can only transport ships to territories you’ve already discovered.
Register Ship Registers a mount if you have a ship’s license in your character’s inventory.


Keep in mind that, if you have negative naval fame and are thus considered a pirate, you cannot use most wharfs around the continent. If that’s the case, you will still be able to employ the services of the wharf at the pirate haven of the Kuit Islands, home of the Cox Pirates.


You can defeat sea monsters and do a repeatable quest to regain naval fame points.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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