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Guide de l'aventurier

Special Outfits

Dernière modification : 11 avr. 2024, 13:24 (UTC)

This page is for the different outfits that can be obtained via in-game methods, instead of purchasing them in the Pearl Shop. For the basics on outfits, please check the [Outfits & Costumes] page.


While the majority of outfits are obtained in the Pearl Shop, there are some that can be acquired within the game. Of these, many are normal equipment that can be transformed into an outfit by using a tailoring coupon. Outside of those, there are a few that do not require a tailoring coupon or any other transformative mechanic, but are directly obtained as outfits equipped to your characters’ appearance slots. These are Karlstein, La Orzeca, and Nouverikant.



As you wander around in the world of Black Desert, you might come across a peculiar item: Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard. These shards can be obtained all around the world at a very low chance when defeating monsters, and are needed as one of the ingredients to craft the Karlstein outfit.


With one of these shards in your possession, travel to Calpheon and speak with Rubin, the city herald. He will offer you the quest A Hero in Karlstein I. Follow this questline to learn who, or what, Karlstein is.
Once you’ve finished the entire questline, NPC Clara Siciliano will offer you a daily quest to obtain the design item needed to craft the outfit, [Daily] To Become Karlstein.
Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked the ability to obtain the design items.


After this, all you need to craft the outfit is all the required crafting materials for each outfit part and a purchased house set to be an Old Moon Mill. Houses with this functionality can be found in the cities of Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Grána, and Duvencrune.


Outfit Part Box

Crafting Materials


– Design: Karlstein x1

– Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard x14

– Cotton Fabric x40

– Ocean Sapphire x2

– Supreme Fancy Feather x4

Armor (Male)

Armor & Shoes (Female)

– Design: Karlstein x3

– Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard x52

– Cotton Fabric x130

– Ocean Sapphire x8

– Supreme Fancy Feather x16

Main Weapon

– Design: Karlstein x1

– Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard x20

– Iron Ingot x60

– Star Diamond x3

– Red Crystal x50


– Design: Karlstein x1

– Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard x14

– Tin Ingot x40

– Star Diamond x2

– Red Crystal x40

 As seen in the table above, you will need to find a hundred intricately patterned mystical shards before being able to craft all the outfit part boxes for any single character. You will also need to do the unlocked daily quest 6 times. All other crafting materials can be obtained by processing (hotkey: L) raw ingredients, or purchased from the Central Market.

Please note that the crafted Karlstein outfit behaves differently than the Pearl Shop one and the other outfits shown on this page, and its pieces will be stored in a character’s normal inventory instead of its pearl inventory.
Vetor Karlstein, the tale of the hero that fights against injustice.

La Orzeca

During your stay in O’dyllita, the land claimed by the Ahib elves, you might have obtained a Quturan’s Ashen Leaf or Quturan’s Black Leaf, or if you’ve been incredibly lucky, a Quturan’s Left Lung or Quturan’s Right Lung. These items are needed to obtain the La Orzeca outfit based on the appearance of the black spirit.


Viorencia Odore, the queen of the Arid Land of O'dyllita, announced that she would grant the Orzecan relic known as the La Orzeca outfit to whoever brings her the lungs of the Quturan, the divine tree of the fallen ancient Kingdom of Orzeca.
This outfit was made in Orzeca long ago, with the power of the Thornwood Goddess and in the image of the legendary incarnation of greed, in order to protect those wearing it from the untouchable reach of Hadum.


To start the quests to acquire this outfit, you will need either Quturan’s Left Lung x1 or Quturan’s Right Lung x1. The left lung is needed to obtain the La Orzeca Helmet, while the right lung is needed for the La Orzeca Armor. Together, they form the full La Orzeca outfit set.
However, securing these two items is easier said than done. Due to the chance of coming across them being so low, you can also get them by performing simple alchemy (hotkey: L) on Quturan’s Ashen Leaf x100 → Quturan’s Right Lung x1, and Quturan’s Black Leaf x100 → Quturan’s Left Lung x1.


Item Name

Acquired From

Quturan’s Right Lung


Quturan’s Ashen Leaf


Olun’s Valley

Crypt of the Resting Thoughts

Quturan’s Left Lung


Quturan’s Black Leaf

Thornwood Forest

Ash Forest

Crypt of the Resting Thoughts


Once you’ve obtained either lung, go visit Azure Mantis from the Thornwood Watch in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts. Depending on what item you have, she will offer you one or another quest. Going through these, you will ultimately be rewarded with either La Orzeca Helmet Box or La Orzeca Armor Box. These can be opened by any class.


In case you want the outfit moved to another character, please visit the NPCs that gave you the boxes, either Burt Bedmountain or Limitte. They will have a daily quest to turn the item back into its box, allowing you to move it to a different character. Please be aware these quests can be done once per day, and completing them will cost you 1 billion silver.

Note that when reboxed, if you created a crystal slot socket in the outfit, it will disappear.
Note that female classes can obtain the La Orzeca Helmet and Armor more akin to the male class version through the [Daily] La Orzeca's Orb quest given by Limitte. However, keep in mind that this appearance change is permanent and cannot be reverted.
"The incarnation of greed exists in this world.
Even Hadum is no exception before the all-consuming incarnation of greed."


The Nouverikant outfit is based on the appearance of the world boss Bloodstorm Nouver.
As with the previous outfits, its stats are the same as those of pearl outfits, but possessing Nouverikant is considered a symbol of a master Adventurer due to the expensive, time-consuming materials from Nouver it requires to craft.
◈ How to Craft

– During your encounters against Bloodstorm Nouver, you might obtain items called Bloodstorm Nouver's Split Horn and Bloodstorm Nouver's Ragged Wing at a certain probability.
As the items’ description suggests, if you take the horn and wing to the NPC Guest from Everfrost, found in Valencia City, you can exchange them via a quest for a Dormant Nouverikant Helmet (horn) and Dormant Nouverikant Armor (wing).


– Crafted as normal equipment without any power, this helmet and armor now need to be empowered through enhancement. You need to enhance these gear pieces to PEN (V). For this, you will need Bloodstorm Black Stones.
Bloodstorm Black Stone x1 is obtained from heating (hotkey: L) Black Stone x100 + Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x1.
Bloodlit Eye of the Desert is acquired at a certain chance when defeating Bloodstorm Nouver. It can also be obtained by exchanging additional ragged wings and split horns with the guest from Everfrost in Valencia City. Each ragged wing or split horn will reward you with Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x30.
Note that enhancement attempts on dormant Nouverikant pieces are guaranteed to succeed, but the number of bloodstorm black stones needed for each enhancement level will increase.


You will need a total of Bloodstorm Black Stone x210, which is equal to Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x210 and Black Stone x21,000 to enhance each dormant gear piece to PEN (V).
For both pieces, you will need to double the amount: Bloodlit Eye of the Desert x420 and Black Stone x42,000.


– Once you’ve obtained the PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Helmet and PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Armor, you need to transform them into a usable form for your class. For this, you will require Unstable Nouver Core x3 and Cantarnia's Crystal x30 per piece.
The unstable core is acquired from heating Concentrated Boss Aura x1 + Latent Boss Aura x10. The first is acquired from heating unenhanced boss gear, while the second is dropped from the world boss Nouver in any of its forms.
Cantarnia’s crystals are purchased from Francia, the chief librarian of O’draxxia. Each crystal costs 500 million silver. This means that for both pieces you will need a total of 60 Cantarnia’s Crystal, or 30 billion silver saved up to purchase them.


Use the manufacture processing option (hotkey: L) with those 3 items to obtain either Sealed Nouverikant Armor or Sealed Nouverikant Helmet.


– Open the sealed Nouverikant armor or helmet with the character of your choice. You’re now the owner of the Nouverikant outfit!

"Nouverikant," the name bestowed on the first one who defeated Bloodstorm Nouver.
◈ Nouvermon

After you’ve acquired both wearable outfit pieces (helmet and armor) for your chosen class, go visit the guest from Everfrost in Valencia City once more. With the outfit equipped, the guest will offer you a new quest to obtain Nouvermon, a unique pet, and the title “Nouverikant.”
Nouvermon is a tier 4 pet and is classified as a special type pet.
It has a +4% Combat EXP talent, and the Hostility Detection special ability, and cannot be exchanged with Wizard Gosphy pets.
◈ Outfit Rebox

You can transfer the Nouverikant outfit to another character & class by sealing it. To do this, visit Burt Bedmountain in the Ahib city of O’draxxia with the outfit either equipped or in your pearl inventory. Like with the La Orzeca outfit, the NPC will offer you a daily quest to rebox the Nouverikant outfit, and it will cost you 1 billion silver, or 2 Cantarnia’s crystal, to complete it.

Note that when reboxed, if you created a crystal slot socket in the outfit, it will disappear.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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