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Useful Tips - Raising Combat Stats

Dernière modification : 15 avr. 2024, 12:27 (UTC)

Are monsters getting too strong? Are you in need of better gear? Then look no further! Here, we have some practical tips that are sure to make your character stronger!

Try all the tips listed here in order. The tips in this guide start from the easiest to obtain, then get progressively harder further below. The tips here will help you make the most of your character’s capabilities.


1. Skill Add-ons


If your character is lvl. 50 or higher, you should visit a Skill Instructor in any town to get valuable skill add-ons. Getting add-ons for your skills will give them additional on-hit effects such as buffs, debuffs, HP and resource recovery, and more.


Don’t worry if you haven’t got skill add-ons before, they won’t cost you a dime! You only need to have the appropriate level to get them. So, if you don’t already have them, give them a try!

* You can get your first skill add-on at lvl. 50. At lvl. 60 you can have up to 6 skill add-ons.
* If you already have add-ons for your skills, you will need Memory Fragment x1 to change them.
* However, you can change your skill add-ons as often as you want without spending Memory Fragments for the duration of the 'Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide” buff or the 'Secret Book of Old Moon' buff.


2. Skill Enhancements

▲ You can see Skill Enhancements in your Skills (Hotkey: K) window.

You can get Skill Enhancements if your character is lvl. 56 or higher. Skill Enhancements will become available if you have the required preceding skills.
If you haven’t got Skill Enhancements yet, doing so will give you additional skills to make your combos more damaging. They can also provide utility as some of them have debuff effects.

3. Crystal Transfusion

If your gear has slots, you can summon the Black Spirit (hotkey: ,) and transfuse crystals into it. You can use the crystals you picked up during your adventures, or buy them from the Central Market.
However, there is a chance that transfused crystals will break each time your character dies. Additionally, you need a "Crystal Extraction Tool" to retrieve a crystal already transfused into a slot.

4. Buff Items

You know those food items, elixirs, and draughts, right? Well, all those items have buffs that last anything from a few minutes to several hours. Have a look below for details on the different types of buff items.
① Food 

Food is a cost-effective way to get amazing buffs for a fixed period of time. Of the many different types of food, "Simple Cron Meal" and "Exquisite Cron Meal" provide great buffs for a long period of time. They’re a favorite for adventurers that are defeating hordes of monsters or fighting in PvP content.

Cron Meals can be made by gathering a few ingredients and Processing them together. It might be a hassle to make them yourself, so we recommend buying them from the Central Market or the Oasis Vendor, Ellie.


② Draughts / Elixirs / Perfumes

Draughts, elixirs, and perfumes also give temporary buffs like food. But whereas food, can only be used one at a time to gain specific effects, draughts, can be used together with elixirs and perfumes to provide even more buffs.

▲ Check here to see which elixirs and perfumes can be used with draughts.



5. Alchemy Stones / Spirit Stones

Alchemy Stones and Spirit Stones are equipped in the "Alchemy Stone" slot found in the middle of the Equipment window (hotkey: I). Press "U" after equipping a stone to get effects for a certain period of time.

Alchemy Stones and Spirit Stones all consume durability when used. Alchemy Stone durability can be recovered using certain fuels ("Sturdy" grade or higher), but the durability of Spirit Stones cannot be recovered by any means. Despite this, Spirit Stones have similar effects to Alchemy Stones and tend to be cheaper.


* Click the checkbox below the Alchemy Stone slot in the Equipment window to have the effect of your Alchemy Stone or Spirit Stone refresh automatically every time the buff duration ends.
* If you want to learn more about Alchemy Stones, check out the [Alchemy Stone].


6. Item Reform

If you are using green-grade gear, you can reform that gear using reform stones. Here is a list of ways to get reform stones.

Invest Contribution Points to construct a Refinery in town to make reform stones.

2 Exchange Hunter's Seal x5 with Finlin, the Material Vendor in Tarif, to get a grade 3 reform stone.
3 Buy them from the Central Market.
Once you get a reform stone, summon the Black Spirit and select the "Reform" menu to reform your gear. Gear that is successfully reformed will have an "Ultimate" prefix added to its item name along with additional stats.

▲ Reforming the Strength Helmet of Heve (increased its DP and Damage Reduction).
When it comes to item reforms, there is no risk of you dropping a grade if the attempt fails. So if you own a green piece of gear, you can keep on trying again and again!

* Reformed items cannot be sold on the Central Market.
* However, you can take the reformed item to a Blacksmith or Armor Vendor to extract the reform stone and return it back to its original state.

7. Villa Buffs

Villa buffs are available from the villas scatted across the region of Valencia. You will need to purchase a Villa Invitation for 10,000,000 Silver from the Villa Keepers to enter one. Once you enter a villa, go to the "Villa Butler" and pay them Gold Bars to get the buff. (It costs around 1,500,000 Silver for a 90-minute buff, and 4,500,000 Silver for a 180-minute buff).

There are 3 different types of villa buffs, but the villa buff with the best combat effects is the "[Villa] Body Enhancement (180 min)."

[Villa] Body Enhancement - Effects

All AP +10 / All DP +10 / Max HP +200 / All Resistance +10% / Ignore All Resistance +5%


Before you head off for a villa, you should check which villa offers which buff as the buffs available at each of the villa differ.


[Villa] Body Enhancement - Available Locations

▲ ① Lohan's Villa / ② Atosa's Villa


You can get the "[Villa] Body Enhancement" buff from the 2 locations shown above: Lohan’s Villa and Atosa’s Villa. Be sure to grab the buffs when going to Gahaz, Titum, and other monster zones in Valencia as the villas are fairly nearby.

* If you want to learn more about Villas, check out the [Villas Guide].


8. Adventure Logs

▲ Completing Adventure Logs can give you stats.

When you complete certain pages of the Adventure Logs that reward you with stats, these stats are applied to all the characters in your family.

It will take you some time to finish all the Adventure Logs, but it is definitely worth investing the time as they provide permanent buffs for the family. You will also be able to explore various locations and content in Black Desert while completing the Adventure Logs.

We have listed the Adventure Logs below that give AP and DP as rewards.

# Adventure Logs Stats
1 Bartali's Adventure Log AP +4, DP +2
2 Dorin Morgrim's Secret Journal AP +1, DP +1
3 Herald's Journal DP +1
4 Deve's Encyclopedia AP +1
5 Fughar's Times of Success DP +1
6 The Eyes of Adventure DP +1


* Adventure Logs offer numerous other rewards for completion such as HP, Stamina, Accuracy, Evasion, Weight, Inventory Slots, items, and increase max Agris Fever.


9. Caphras Enhancements (Level 3)

If you already own TET (IV) boss gear, you may find Caphras Enhancement beneficial for increasing your AP and DP.

However, the most cost-effective Caphras Enhancement level is between levels 1 - 3. You can also choose to extract 95% of the Caphras Stones used to enhance the gear later.

▲ You can apply Caphras Enhancements to your gear via the Black Spirit menu (hotkey: ,) > Enhancement.

When you Caphras Enhance your gear, you’ll be able to see the following improvements.

▲ (Left) Before Caphras Enhancement / (Right) After 1 level of Caphras Enhancement

You can go to Blacksmiths in most towns to extract the Caphras Stones used to enhance your gear.

* You can extract 95% of the Caphras Stones used to enhance, at a cost of 100,000 Silver for each Caphras Stone you extract.
* The effects from Caphras Enhancing will be removed once you’ve extracted the Caphras Stones from the item.
If you would like to see the exact effects for each Caphras Enhancement level, check it out here [Caphras Enhancement Guide].

10. Krogdalo's Horse Gear

If you have already done everything listed above but want to get stronger, here is the final tip in this guide. These items are hard to craft and cost a lot of Silver to get, so we only recommend this for veteran Adventurers.

There are 3 different types of Krogdalo's Horse Gear set buffs: Wind, Earth, Sea. Your horse will need to equip 5 pieces of gear (Champron, Barding, Saddle, Stirrup, Horseshoe) of the same set and use the horse skill "Roar" to activate the buff.

▲ Different pieces of Krogdalo's Horse Gear.

You can get the following buffs if your horse is equipped with 5 pieces of a Krogdalo's Horse Gear set and use the horse skill "Roar".
Set 5-set Effect Buff
Wind AP +5 to 10 allies (including self) for 60 minutes.
Earth Damage Reduction +3 and Evasion +3 to 10 allies (including self) for 60 minutes.
Sea Max HP +100 and Stamina +100 to 10 allies (including self) for 60 minutes.


Check out other tips on the link below! 


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* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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