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Mythical Horses

Dernière modification : 30 avr. 2024, 09:16 (UTC)

The dream horses can be reborn through an awakening process as mythical horses. Currently Arduanatt, Diné and Doom can undergo this transformation.
In turn, dream horses are obtainable by awakening them from coursers.


This page focuses on the awakening of mythical horses. Please check the [Training] page to see how to train coursers and obtain dream horses.



Mythical horses can learn exclusive inherent skills in addition to obtaining a new appearance.
Mythical Arduanatt can use its inherent skills to float in midair or descend quickly while gliding, mythical Diné can move on water or leap to areas of high elevation, and mythical Doom has increased offensive capabilities and can summon copies of itself for increased mobility.


Lv. 30 or higher dream horses (male and female) and the item mythical censer are required for the awakening process.


Please keep in mind that mythical horses cannot be registered on the horse market, and do not have genders.


Mythical Arduanatt 
Mythical Diné
Mythical Doom


 You need to use two dream horses to obtain a mythical horse through mythical awakening.  

Mythical Awakening

Mythical awakening is available from Gula, the stable keeper at the Stonetail Horse Ranch, in Mediah, and Melabee, the stable keeper of Grána, in Kamasylvia.


You need one male and one female Lv. 30 dream horses for awakening. During the process the item mythical censer will be consumed, so make sure to obtain it.


Materials for mythical censers can be obtained via imperial horse delivery, defeating world and field bosses, completing weekly quests at the Stonetail Horse Ranch, or exchanging fairy wings that can be obtained from lakiaro sacks, among other things. 


◈ Mythical Censer 



 You can use the following crafting method to produce a mythical censer:





Mythical Censer

Manufacture (hotkey: L) with the following materials: 

Old Moon Censer x1 + Mythical Powder x10 + Mythical Feather x10 + Fire Horn x10 + Powder of Flame x10 


You can obtain materials including the Old Moon censer, mythical powder, etc. via the following methods: 




Old Moon Censer 

Manufacture (L): 
Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Pure Platinum Crystal x100 + Pure Copper Crystal x100 + Pure Tin Crystal x100 + Moonlight Opal x100 


Alternative method 1 - Manufacture (L): 

Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Magical Lightstone Crystal x300 + Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x400 + Copper Ingot x1,000 + Tin Ingot x1,000


Alternative method 2 - Manufacture (L): 
Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Melody of the Stars x25 + Pure Copper Crystal x100 + Pure Tin Crystal x100 + Magical Lightstone Crystal x300


Mythical Powder 

Grinding (L): 
Flower of Oblivion x10 + Royal Fern Root x10 + Everlasting Herb x10 + Fruit of Nature x10 + Black Stone Powder x10 

Old Moon Censer Mold 

Purchase from an Old Moon Manager NPC’s shop.

Flower of Oblivion 

Imperial horse delivery (tier 6-8) 

Royal Fern Root 

Complete the quest [Weekly] Fly Like the Wind.

Complete the quest No Worries for the Prepared (available from beginner to guru), via Wapra, the Material Vendor NPC at the Stonetail Horse Ranch or Liana in any major city.

Mythical Feather 

1. Exchange radiant fairy wings and brilliant fairy wings via Herawen, the Kamasylve Temple’s chancellor at the Kamasylve Temple, Mediah.

2. Complete the quest [Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings via Variel, the Stable Keeper NPC at the Old Wisdom Tree, Kamasylvia.


3. Obtain at a low chance from the following lakiaro sacks:
Lush primitive lakiaro sack, Primitive lakiaro sack, Lush old lakiaro sack, and Old lakiaro sack.


4. Obtain at a low chance when opening reward chests after defeating Dark Rift Bosses.


5. Complete one of the following quests:
- [Weekly] [Crossroad] Krogdalo’s Origin Stone Support
- [Weekly] [Crossroad] [Beginner-Guru] Carrot Confit Support


6. Complete the Old Moon Grand Prix Weekly quests from Jetina:

- [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor I

- [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor II

- [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor III


7. Loot from World Boss Offin.


8. Obtained from Patrigio's Secret Shop (Between 10 pm and 7 am) at a low chance.

Other Materials 

You can either craft them or purchase them from the Central Market.



◈ How to Obtain Other Materials


How to Obtain 

Pure Platinum Crystal 

Heating (L) with Platinum Ingot x3 + Metal Solvent x1

It can be obtained via Vatudun, in Keplan, if at least gathering skilled 10 and processing professional 5.

Pure Copper Crystal 

Heating (L) with Copper Ingot x 3 + Metal Solvent x2 

Pure Tin Crystal 

Heating (L) with Tin Ingot x3 + Metal Solvent x2 


Moonlight Opal 

Heating (L) with Brilliant Opal x3 + Metal Solvent x1 

Everlasting Herb 

Gather everlasting herbs.

You need to equip a hoe to obtain them.

Fruit of Nature

Through plant breeding in a fenced garden via farming, from a variety of plants: Fire Flake Flower, Dry Mane Grass, Silk Honey Grass, Silver Azalea, etc.

Black Stone Powder 

1. Grinding (L) Black Stone.

2. Produce in a town workshop refinery in a town (rough stone is required).



◈ Awakening Process 

For each of the mythical horses available, you need a male and female dream horse of the same type for the process.
• Mythical Arduanatt: Lv. 30 male Arduanatt and Lv. 30 female Arduanatt required.
• Mythical Diné: Lv. 30 male Diné and Lv. 30 female Diné required.

• Mythical Doom: Lv. 30 male Doom and Lv. 30 female Doom required.


When you have your dream horses ready, check them in at the Stonetail Horse Ranch stable for example, then go to the stable keeper Gula to proceed with the awakening option from the stable’s menu.  


1. Check in the dream horses you wish to commit to mythical awakening at the stable in the Stonetail Horse Ranch (located east of Heidel, north of Tarif) or Grána.


2. Select the dream horses you checked in, then select ”Mythical Awakening.”



3. Press + on the Mythical Awakening UI to register the male and female dream horses.



4. You can register the mythical censer by pressing the icon in the center.



5. You can proceed with the attempt after entering the name of the mythical horse.



Mythical awakening has an initial base success rate of 3% and, upon success, the two dream horses will disappear, fusing to create your brand-new mythical horse.


If you fail, the dream horses can be recovered and you can use more mythical censers to try again.

Every time the awakening attempt fails, the success rate increases by 0.2%. This success rate increase value is accumulated across your entire family. As such, even when you attempt the mythical awakening on other dream horses, the same success rate applies.


Mythical Arduanatt

Mythical Arduanatts can quickly leap midair while moving by using the skill Mighty Leap.  
The skill Soaring Wings can be used to float midair and the skill Wings of Swiftness can be used to quickly descend when gliding from a location of high elevation.



◈ Mythical Arduanatts’ Inherent Skills


Preceding Skill 

How to Use 



Mighty Leap 

Instant Accel

S: Instant Accel

High Jump

Double Jump

E during Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel

(Stamina consumed: 400)

Swiftly ride the winds to leap mightily into the air.


* Not available when the weapon is unsheathed.

Soaring Wings 

Start Accel

W + E while idle  


Space to lift front legs, then E 

(Stamina consumed: 400 / continuously consumed)

After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air.


* Not available when the weapon is unsheathed.


Wings of Swiftness 

Wings of Wind

Wings of Freedom

F during Wings of Freedom 
(No stamina consumed)


Q during Wings of Freedom

Having learned the ways to read the wind currents, the mythical Arduanatt pierces through the winds during Wings of Freedom to descend at even faster speeds.


Alternatively, it can dash forward by pressing the Q while using the Wings of Freedom skill.


Please note that inherent skills will not disappear even if you reset their growth.



◈ Alternative Appearance for Mythical Arduanatt

You can change your Mythical Arduanatt's basic appearance to the new appearance by using the Quturan's Fruit.

- Feed the Quturan's Fruit to your stabled Mythical Arduanatt and it shall be reborn with a new appearance and all previous skills and stats intact.
- You can purchase the Quturan's Fruit for 100 million Silver each via Francia in O'dyllita.




Mythical Diné

Mythical Diné has the skill Quicksilver that allows it to move on water, and it can use Sprint and Drift on the surface of the water as well.
It can jump to areas of high elevation by using Triple Jump and can descend slowly from places of high elevation by using Protection of Okiara.  



◈ Mythical Diné’s Inherent Skills


Preceding Skill 

How to Use 




Auto-activated when moving on water 

(Consume the breath of Okiara)

Consume the breath of Okiara to gallop across water. 

* You can use Sprint and Drift on water the same as using on land.

Triple Jump 

Streak Leap, High Jump, Double Jump

Space during Double Jump 

(Stamina consumed: 200)

Leap high once more after using Double Jump.

* Can leap higher on water.

Protection of Okiara 


E while falling after jumping

(Stamina consumed: 400 / continuously consumed)

Jump and float safely down to the ground from great heights using the power of water to cushion you.

* No fall damage taken for a certain period of time upon using Protection of Okiara.


As with the mythical Arduanatt, please note that inherent skills will not disappear even if you reset their growth.



◈ Breath of Okiara 


Mythical Diné has the Breath of Okiara resource bar which it can consume to move on the water’s surface.
When the breath of Okiara is completely consumed, you are dismounted and the mythical Diné becomes idle on top of the water.


The breath of Okiara naturally recovers under the following circumstances:  
• Idle while mounted on mythical Diné on land.
• Moving while mounted on mythical Diné on land.
• When mythical Diné is idle on land.



Mythical Doom

Mythical Doom possesses three unique skills, Shadows of Hellfire chief among them. Shadows of Hellfire summons two additional Dooms upon use, meaning that guild or party members can freely ride them. Furthermore, both Mythical Doom and the summoned Dooms can be ridden by two people each, so owners of Mythical Doom can transport up to 6 people together.



◈ Mythical Doom’s Inherent Skills


Preceding Skill 

How to Use 


Shadows of Hellfire


↓ + E (Stamina consumed: 400)

Summons two Mythical Dooms. The summoned Dooms can be ridden by the caster, guild/party members, or allies freely.
When using this skill, the caster who summoned the Dooms will receive the Trace of Shadows buff for 20 min. While the buff is active, using the Shadows of Hellfire will not summon the Dooms, but will apply the following effect to up to 10 nearby allies:
Movement speed +5% for 1 min


* The summoned Dooms will disappear automatically after 10 min, or if the caster logs out, regardless of whether they are being ridden or not.

Infernal Sprint

Dark Sprint

Auto-activated after Dark Sprint (Stamina consumed: 600)

Automatically activated after using Dark Sprint. Move forward at a fast speed and deal damage with a melee attack for a certain period of time.
Flames are generated around the target on hits, dealing damage.
Additionally, the caster receives a HP +200 effect every 3 sec for 15 sec when using the skill.


* Like Dark Sprint, the flames generated around the caster upon successful hit with Infernal Sprint will damage everyone except the user.

Infernal Legion

Acquire one or more of the following skills:
Charge, S: Charge, Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, Dark Sprint, Infernal Sprint.

↑ + E while using one of the preceding skills
(ex. ↑ + E while Charge) (Stamina consumed: 400)

Inflicts gradual flames damage to enemies in front, while using Charge, S: Charge, Instant Accel.


Cooldown: 10 seconds


As with the previous mythical horses, please note that inherent skills will not disappear even if you reset their growth.


Note that the summoned mythical Dooms can use sprint without the need for a saddle to be equipped to the mount, and cannot equip gear or be inspected.


Krogdalo’s Sanctuary

The sanctuary of Krogdalo's offspring has been discovered.
Krogdalo's Sanctuary is a treasure item that allows you to store and retrieve the 3 types of dream horses anytime, anywhere. However, it is only obtainable once you possess the three mythical horses: Mythical Arduanatt, Mythical Diné, and Mythical Doom.



◈ How to Obtain

While mounted on one of the three mythical horses, visit Merindora in Grána to accept the [Krogdalo's Sanctuary] questline. This one will ask you to present each of the three mythical horses to Krogdalo’s trace, in Polly’s Forest.


Upon completing all the quests to obtain Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you are awarded the [Celestial Pathfinder] title.



◈ How to Use

Clicking on the horse icon in the upper left corner of the screen with a character that has Krogdalo's Sanctuary allows you to store one of each mythical horse via the Krogdalo's Sanctuary UI.



The stored mythical horses can be retrieved at any time while idling and can be swapped with other stored mythical horses.



Please note the following restriction on this treasure’s use:

• If you have retrieved any of the mythical horses from Krogdalo's Sanctuary, you cannot store Krogdalo's Sanctuary in the storage.
• You cannot retrieve mythical horses in the Red Battlefield or Battle Arena where mounts cannot be used.
• You cannot store mythical horses carrying trade goods in Krogdalo's Sanctuary.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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