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Guide de l'aventurier

Marni’s Stone

Dernière modification : 25 oct. 2023, 15:57 (UTC)

These stones are one of many creations the strange and mysterious mad scientist Marni has left behind.


The stones can collect samples from monsters if you carry them during your time battling them.
You will get a sample from each monster you defeat.


Take the filled stones to the NPC Wacky Toshi and he will give you a set amount of Combat EXP according to your character level.



Wacky Toshi sells you empty Marni’s Stones and will gladly take them back once they’ve been filled with monster samples.



Some of the many locations one can find Wacky Toshi. Chances are, if you wander around the entrance of a monster zone, you might find them there, waiting for Adventurers to approach them.


Your character must be Lv. 56 or higher to use Marni’s Stones. Characters under Lv. 56 cannot buy these stones, and won’t be able to collect samples even if they have them in their inventory.

How to Use

Marni’s Stones have the name of the monster you need to collect samples from.
For example, the item Marni’s Stone (Bashim) requires you to defeat monsters at Bashim Base, in Valencia.


You can buy multiple stones at once. The samples will be collected in the first stone you bought. Once it’s full, the next stone will start to fill.
You must get the last hit on the monster to collect its sample. This means that being in a party or in a situation where another Adventurer can take the last hit may slow you down.


A Marni’s Stone must be in the inventory of the character defeating monsters to fill it with samples. It won’t get filled if they are in another character’s inventory, storage, or your mount’s inventory.


For a better experience, you can right-click the Marni’s Stone in your inventory and select Item Count to be able to more easily keep track of the monsters you need to defeat.


Return to Wacky Toshi to exchange the stones once they are full. You’ll see the exchange button if the full stones are in your inventory.
As mentioned previously, you will be able to exchange them for a fixed amount of Combat EXP.
In certain cases, Wacky Toshi will exchange them for items instead of Combat EXP, as is the case for the stones with samples from monsters affected by the Elvia Realm in Serendia.

Great Marni’s Stones

As you journey throughout the world, you may find yourself in possession of Great Marni’s Stones.
These once lost experimental stones can be filled with a lot more samples compared to the other stones.


The process is the same. Fill a Great Marni’s Stone, and once full, bring it to Wacky Toshi. However, you will see you’re not given Combat EXP as a reward. For your assistance, they will reward you with a Great Marni’s Supply Box, which contains one out of several possible yellow grade accessories, PRI (I) to DUO (II).


Tungrad Necklace
Tungrad Belt
Tungrad Earring
Tungrad Ring
Ogre Ring
Laytenn's Power Stone
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Basilisk's Belt
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Narc Ear Accessory
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Upon having collected all of the required monster samples for a Great Marni's Stone, you can accept a once per family quest to obtain a title related to the filled stone.
Slayvior of Bashim
Slayvior of Cadry
Slayvior of Desert Naga
Slayvior of Desert Fogans
Slayvior of Gahaz
Slayvior of Argos
Slayvior of Basilisk
Slayvior of Taphtar
Slayvior of Roud Sulfur Mine
Slayvior of Pila Ku
Slayvior of Manshaum
Slayvior of Fadus
Slayvior of Polly's Forest
Slayvior of Forest Ronaros
Slayvior of Ruins
Slayvior of Blood Wolves
Slayvior of Sherekhan
Slayvior of Protties
Slayvior of Sycraia

You can only accept these quests if the Combat quest filter is toggled on in the Quest window (hotkey: O).


After acquiring all the titles from the 19 available Great Marni’s Stones, you can obtain the "Great Marni's Assistant" title via Wacky Toshi.



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