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Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier


Dernière modification : 1 sept. 2023, 14:59 (UTC)
While playing, have you ever seen an announcement at the top of the screen that says that a blue whale or fugitive khalk has appeared?
It might look like it’s none of your business. Or maybe something that it’s out of your level.

Well, it’s not totally wrong. The announcement means that a blue whale or fugitive khalk appeared somewhere at sea or on the continent. They are large monsters, meaning you can’t hunt them single-handedly. You should hunt them down together with other Adventurers, and with matchlocks. It can feel daunting for a beginner.


However, this does not mean these hunting bosses are out of your league. While engaging them requires several Adventurers, a matchlock, and a land mount or ship, this is all it takes to participate. Stop worrying and just give it a try!

Hunting! I Choose You!


As you can see from the image above, you can see the status of the hunting life skill for your character in its profile (hotkey: P).
If you’ve never hunted before, it will likely be at Beginner 1.


You will also likely not know what monsters can be hunted, or where they’re located.
Hunting monsters display a different icon in the minimap, compared to normal monsters, and they can be found in many locations throughout the world.


The icon they’re displayed with resembles that of a deer. Whenever you see an enemy with this icon, know that attacking it with your usual weapons will do very little damage. They need to be attacked with a hunting matchlock.


The more you hunt, the more hunting life skill experience you’ll receive, and the higher your hunting life skill level will become.


Essential Hunting Equipment

Just as you prepare your equipment and potions when you go out to defeat monsters and other Adventurers, you must prepare when departing on a hunting trip.
◈ Hunting Matchlock

As said above, normal weaponry will deal very little damage to these enemies. You require hunting matchlocks for the task.
Hunting matchlocks are not sold in NPC shops; they must be rented from an NPC, crafted by yourself, or purchased from the Central Market.


They can be crafted at a house employed as a tool workshop, and depending on the level of the workshop you will be able to craft a matchlock that matches your hunting life skill level.


Alternatively, if it's too cumbersome to do this, you can buy a matchlock appropriate to your hunting life skill level at the Central Market, if there are any on sale.
You can find them in the Life Tools → Matchlock category.




Tool Workshop Level


[Hunting] Beginner Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Beginner 1 or higher

Level 1

x1 Fir Timber, x4 Steel, x1 Bronze Ingot, x1 Black Stone Powder

[Hunting] Apprentice Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Beginner 10 or higher

Level 2

x1 Fir Timber, x4 Steel, x1 Brass Ingot, x3 Black Stone Powder

[Hunting] Skilled Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Apprentice 10 or higher

Level 2

x1 Fir Timber, x5 Steel, x1 Silver Ingot, x5 Black Stone Powder

[Hunting] Professional Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Skilled 10 or higher

Level 3

x1 Fir Timber, x5 Steel, x1 Gold Ingot, x5 Black Stone Powder

[Hunting] Artisan Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Professional 10 or higher

Level 3

x1 Fir Timber, x5 Steel, x1 Platinum Ingot, x10 Black Stone Powder

[Hunting] Master Matchlock

Level 30 or higher,

Hunting Artisan 10 or higher

Level 4

x1 +10 [Hunting] Artisan Matchlock, x100 Thornwood Plank, x50 Nickel Ingot, x200 Black Stone Powder, x5 Breath of Narcion


– How to Operate a Matchlock

After equipping it, you can reload a matchlock by right clicking your mouse. You can fire it by left clicking.
You can crouch by pressing the Q key, and while crouched the shooting range and reloading speed of the matchlock increases.
You can evade enemy attacks by rolling away by pressing any of the ASD keys + Shift key together. Pressing W+Shift while crouched lets you stand up and run.
Certain matchlocks allow you to unleash a powerful attack with the F key once your character’s black spirit rage has reached 100%.
For those hunting targets that are constantly on the move, you can also use a matchlock while riding a mount.


Like with other weaponry, a matchlock can be enhanced. However, you need to be careful because the enhancement level will drop if you fail after the enhancement level reaches +7.

◈ Mount

It will depend on the target to hunt, but in any case, a mount is essential for the more important foes.
For example, blue whales are hunted in the open sea, so you’ll have to be on board a ship when hunting them. Since a ship can have several people on board, if an Adventurer takes the role of maneuvering the ship the rest can hunt right away without any major restriction.
Fugitive khalks appear in a few locations throughout the continent, constantly flying around.
Because of that, you have to hunt by following them on horseback.


When dealing with big hunting monsters with high attack power, such as khalks, giant lionesses, and elephants, if you ride a horse and go on horseback hunting, you can move easily enough to evade their attacks while reloading the matchlock. It can make hunting a little easier.

◈ Butcher Knife

This is the most important thing to remember.
Even if you have prepared all the above, it serves no purpose without a butcher knife.


After defeating a hunting monster, you must use a butcher knife to gather from it.
Once you have gathered from their corpse with a butcher knife, you’ll get hunting life skill experience.


There are different types of butcher knives that can be employed, depending on your gathering level. All will work for this. The main difference is the speed at which you’ll gather with them, and their durability (number of times you can gather with them).


Optional Hunting Equipment

When hunting, just as there are dishes and elixirs that are helpful against normal monsters, there are dishes and elixirs that are helpful against hunting targets.
It is not essential to use them, but if you prepare them, you will be able to increase your efficiency when hunting.


Beginners who are just starting hunting do not have to overdo it.
After experiencing hunting to some extent, it is recommended to make your own dishes and elixirs using the cooking ingredients and alchemy materials you have obtained yourself, or purchase them through the Central Market.

◈ Helpful Dishes

Users who have experienced hunting to some extent will agree that the time it takes to reload a matchlock feels very long.
While reloading the matchlock, you are defenseless from monster attacks, and the longer the reload time, the longer it takes to hunt.


If these feel very frustrating, eat a hunter's salad before setting out on a hunt.
Hunter's salad and fresh hunter's salad increase the reload speed of the matchlock, so hunting after eating this dish will make the experience more enjoyable.

Hunter's salad can be made with crocodile meat obtained by hunting freshwater crocodiles in Lake Kaia, so if you have crocodile meat piled up in your storage after hunting these, it is recommended to use them for cooking.

Like the hunter's salad, khalk's fermented wine is also very helpful for hunting.
It can be said that it is more helpful than the hunter's salad because it not only increases the reload speed of the matchlock, but also increases your attack power and movement speed.
You can buy it from the Central Market, but it's also good to make it yourself through cooking once you’ve hunted a fugitive khalk and obtained its horns.


Elixirs that raise critical hits are also helpful for hunting.
If you use an elixir that increases the critical hit ability level, or critical hit rate, and proceed with hunting, you will be able to defeat hunting monsters with a lot of health a little faster.


In addition to this, all dishes, elixirs, draughts, perfumes, and scrolls that have a life experience gain increase option allow you to quickly raise your hunting level and equip a more powerful matchlock, so if you can afford it, it is recommended that you prepare as much as possible before setting out on a hunt.


Basic Hunting (Solo Hunting)

In order to hunt blue whales and fugitive khalks, which will be explained later, powerful matchlocks are required, and certain hunting levels must be met to equip these matchlocks.
The fastest way for beginners to level up hunting is to go through hunting quests.


Open the Quest window (hotkey: O), and check the Suggested tab. There, you will find a series of hunting quests that beginners can progress through to quickly level up. Do keep in mind that at a certain point you’ll be asked to travel to much more dangerous territories. When this happens, you may want to carry out other hunting quests detailed below.


On that tab you will also find the Hunting leap quests, available every once in a while as you progress through your hunting life skill levels.


In the Recurring tab you will find a list of daily quests that lead you to hunt several animals in Balenos and the islands beyond it.


We recommend you start with the quest [Daily] Easy Game given by Chuck Laurie near the town of Olvia. After completing his first few quests, you’ll unlock a hunting questline from Chief Igor Bartali, in Velia.
Once that questline is completed, many hunting quests all over the islands of Balenos will be unlocked.


Most of those quests are done on the islands north of Balenos.
Due to the nature of the quests that require you to cross the sea, it is a good idea to bring a sea mount such as a fishing boat or a sailboat.
When you complete these quests, you can receive various rewards including titles and matchlocks.
Among the monsters to hunt in the Balenos islands, the difficulty level is low, except for the king brown bear and the boss wolf.
The brown bear does a knockback attack, and the boss wolf and giant wolf summon wolf cubs to assist them.

If you go around the islands and proceed with the quests, the durability of your matchlock will become 0, making it unusable. Some node managers in the different islands can repair items, so make sure to visit them.

Below is a list of the islands of Balenos where node manager NPCs have the repair functionality.


– Rubiano Island
– Anjou Island
– Marka Island
– Invernen Island
– Orfs Island
– Baremi Island

If you have raised your hunting life skill level through the quests above, and equipped a powerful matchlock, you can now go to defeat blue whales and fugitive khalks.
However, if you want to have more experience before tackling cooperative hunting, it's good to practice with other hunting targets you can defeat alone.


Now is the time to search for monsters to hunt in other territories.
Below will be introduced the different locations you can find hunting targets, and their rewards.


◈ Islands of Balenos

After completing the questline mentioned above in the islands of Balenos, you will unlock many daily hunting quests that can be done every day.
If you prefer receiving hunting experience through quests rather than blindly hunting monsters, we recommend that you do these repeatable quests in the [Hunting Specialist] Tracks of a Hunter section of the Recurring tab of the Quest window.

Many of the hunting quests everywhere will reward you with hunter’s tokens. These can be exchanged with Igor Bartali in Velia for rewards.


◈ The Balenos Mountains

The easiest and most comfortable hunting method for beginners is to catch deers, wild boars, and bears located in the Balenos Mountains.
It's a location close to Olvia and Velia, and it's an easy distance to travel on horseback or on foot, so it's a good place for Adventurers who are new to hunting to gain experience.


There are a total of 3 types of land hunting monsters that appear in the Balenos Mountains.
Giant elks, giant boars, and giant brown bears each have the <Wild> title above their names, so it is easy to distinguish them from normal monsters.


The deers are an ideal game for Adventurers who are just starting out hunting to test the performance of their matchlock. If you approach them, they will run away, so you can practice shooting at them while maintaining a certain distance.


When dealing with the boars and bears, please keep in mind that they’ll attack an Adventurer who approaches close first. Although their attack power is not very high, they’re a bit more complex as you need to keep moving to aim at them.

After hunting these animals, you may get a hunting trophy from them, a stuffed head, when butchering their corpses. These can be installed in any residence you own, and interacting with them will grant you a buff. Each type of hunting trophy will give you a different buff. Alternatively, they can be sold in the Central Market to other Adventurers.

◈ Calpheon’s Lake Kaia

If you want to hunt aquatic monsters, we recommend you head to Lake Kaia, in the territory of Calpheon. There, you will find freshwater crocodiles to experience hunting a monster in the water for the first time.

When you arrive at Lake Kaia, don't equip the matchlock right away. That is because the moment you equip it, your movement speed slows down and you can take damage from the nearby catfishmen.
Whether you're defeating or avoiding the local monsters, as you wander around, you'll likely see freshwater crocodiles swimming around. If you find them, look closely at their movement path, find a good spot, equip the matchlock, and hunt them.


Catfishman monsters are around the levels 49-50, so if you are a Lv. 55 or higher character, you will be able to hunt the freshwater crocodiles without being disturbed by them.


After hunting one, you can climb on top of the freshwater crocodile carcass and gather from it with your butcher knife to get hunting experience and meat. For reference, there are 3 freshwater crocodiles in North Kaia Lake and 4 in South Kaia Lake, and their respawn time is very long compared to other hunting monsters, so it is recommended to hunt them while jumping between servers.


◈ Coastal Seas

Once you've had enough experience hunting on land, it's time to head out to sea. If you go out to sea on a sea mount such as a fishing boat or a sailboat, you can see humpback whales in the coastal seas of Calpheon, Balenos, and Mediah.

There’s no shortage of them, but it is difficult to find one easily due to how big the sea is.
These monsters will not attack any mounts or characters, so you can hunt them with ease.
Like freshwater crocodiles, these whales float on the water when defeated. Climb on top of them and gather from their carcass to obtain hunting experience and rewards.


You can obtain sharp black crystal shards, hard black crystal shards, black gems that can enhance life skill mastery equipment, and more.
You can get various rewards from them, so if you want to go hunting for a while without leaving the sea, make sure to search for the humpback whales.


◈ Calpheon’s Quint Hill

You can also find hunting targets in Quint Hill, north of Calpheon City.
There are two types of hunting targets here: giant foxes and giant wolves. Both attack first, and the wolves summon additional wolves when attacked. Thus, it is recommended to deal with them quickly.
You can obtain their stuffed heads as hunting trophies.

◈ Valencia’s Areha Palm Forest

The town of Arehaza and the surrounding Areha Palm Forest are located at the easternmost point of the territory of Valencia.
To the north of the Areha Palm Forest you can find giant lionesses, giant lions, and giant mountain sheep.
Due to its location, and one having to cross the Valencian desert, it is quite troublesome to get here. Maybe because of that, hunting monsters here rewards a good amount of hunting experience.
As you can tell the very moment you first shoot at a giant lion and giant lioness, they have quite the health pool. If you aim for back attacks while avoiding their attacks, you will soon be able to hunt these monsters efficiently.
The lion meat obtained by butchering lions after hunting them can be used as an ingredient for a hamburger dish.
If you are an Adventurer who enjoys cooking, we recommend collecting their meat for these dishes.
Below are the stuffed head trophies that can be obtained by butchering Valencia hunting monsters.

◈ Balenos Hunting Bosses

As you complete hunting quests, you will see hunter’s tokens piling up in your inventory.
If you bring them to Igor Bartali, the chief of Velia, you can exchange them for scrolls with requests to subdue boss hunting monsters, and you can accept daily quests by using the scrolls.
These subjugation quests can only be done by characters of Lv. 50 or higher.
When you complete these quests, in addition to hunting experience you will receive contribution experience and gold bars.

Talk to Zaaira, the Material Vendor NPC in Velia, and purchase the necessary item to craft the trap the quest describes.
Additionally, even if you don't accept these quests, you can lure these two hunting boss monsters with this trap.


The stuffed head trophies from these boss monsters give a powerful buff effect, so even if you don't go through the quest, try summoning and hunting them with the trap.


If you make the trap to lure the white wolf boss, go to the Agris Steppe, and if you make the trap to lure the king brown bear boss, go to Fleme Hills to use them.

Due to them being bosses, these two hunting targets possess a high amount of health. It is highly recommended to set aside enough time to hunt them, and to make sure to bring plenty of potions and extra matchlocks.
You can obtain a stuffed white wolf head and a king brown bear head from defeating these two hunting boss monsters. Due to the immensely good buffs they bestow upon use, they’re traded at a high price in the Central Market.

◈ Kamasylvia’s Western Valtarra Mountains

You can find several daily quests that ask you to hunt monsters in Kamasylvia. They require you to have reached the hunting life skill professional level.


The following is a list of quests for this area of the world.


Quest Name



[Repeat] The Poacher's Secret Offer

Jerrimo the Poacher

You need to have completed the quest An Outsider at the Western Mountain Range to unlock this one. This one is given by Lucielle Monet at Acher Guard Post, and requires you to be Lv. 58 or above.

[Daily] Black Beast Lured by an Illusion



[Daily] Killing For Survival



[Daily] Deadly Ferries



[Daily] For the Griffon

An Acher guard at Acher Guard Post



The following hunting targets can be found in the Western Valtarra Mountains area: belladonna elephants, feather wolves, black leopards, gazelles, and ferries.


Please note that hunting gazelles goes against the Animal Protection Act treaty between the Republic of Calpheon and Kamasylvia, and thus hunting them will lower your karma for doing an outlawed action.

 Like with the hunting monsters in other territories, hunting the ones in Kamasylvia may reward you with a trophy of their stuffed head.

◈ Kamasylvia's King Griffon

Unlike other hunting areas, the Ash Forest in northwestern Kamasylvia is a bit special. Aside from being extremely perilous for all kinds of Adventurers, a unique hunting target appears here: The king griffon.

The king griffon is classified as a boss hunting monster, so you can check whether it is around in the UI icon that informs you of the appearance of hunting boss monsters.


Please note that king griffon moves in a clockwise direction along the following route inside Ash Forest. You can easily identify its location thanks to the yellow griffon icon visible in the World Map screen (hotkey: M).



The behavior pattern of the king griffon can be divided into two stages.
In the first stage, it repeats a flight and attack pattern while flying, and in the second stage, it descends to the ground and attacks.


As any hunter who has hunted fugitive khalks has already noticed, when hunting the king griffon, you have to go horseback hunting.


If you have a horse with the Sideways skill, you do not have to worry about being on horseback for the entire battle. However, if you do not have that mount skill, please keep in mind that the horse may be killed by one of the king griffon’s attacks, so it is recommended to dismount after the first stage of the encounter has concluded.


If you hunt a king griffon and then butcher it, you can get an intact griffon beak, which is used as a material for making a piece of boss armor, the griffon's helmet.

Unlike with other hunting monsters, instead of a stuffed head trophy, you might get a chandelier when gathering from a king griffon’s corpse!
However, while the griffon chandelier is very impressive, it does not bestow a buff upon use. Instead, it lets you blow out and light the candles on it.

◈ Drieghan’s Khimut Great Forest

In northeastern Drieghan, around the Khimut Great Forest between the Khimut and Dormann lumber camps, you will find several hunting targets.

For example, to the east in the Khimut Kumber Camp area you will find Drieghanese male and female goats you can hunt.

 Like ferries in the Navarn Steppe of Kamasylvia, Drieghanese goats roam in herds, and if you attack a female goat the nearby male ones will become aggressive towards you.
Due to that, make sure to observe your surroundings before attacking, so as to not deal with too many hunting targets at once and be overwhelmed.
Meanwhile, around the Dormann Lumber Camp to the west you will find yaks and llamas.

While all the llamas are timid and will run away when attacking one of them, the yaks are aggressive and will charge towards you, so make sure to remember to dodge in time!


As with other hunting targets, you may obtain their stuffed head trophies when butchering them.
In the llamas’ case, you may obtain a whole stuffed body trophy!


Cooperative Hunting I – Blue Whales

After traveling around and encountering all kinds of hunting targets, it's time to try cooperative hunting.


Look at the bottom right of the screen. If you see a matchlock-shaped icon, you will sometimes see a (+) icon attached to it. This icon means that hunting boss monsters, such as blue whales, fugitive khalks, king griffons, and others, have appeared in that channel.

Since the appearance of the two boss monsters is different for each server, it is important to share information with each other and check multiple servers.

Above you can see the system notifications when a blue whale (top) and fugitive khalk (bottom) appear in a server.


While it can be said that the main purpose for hunting blue whales and fugitive khalks is the fun to be had, the ingredient materials obtained from butchering their corpses offer a nice incentive.
You can craft blue grade accessories with some of the materials you obtain, and with others you can prepare useful dishes and alchemical elixirs.


In the case of blue whales, they appear at regular intervals three times a day for each channel.


There is nothing to be very careful about while hunting.
Since the blue whale is subtly fast, one of the party members can directly drive a fast boat (such as a fishing boat or sailboat) to constantly pursue the hunting boss, while the rest of the party members do their best to shoot at it.
Due to the vast amount of health the blue whales possess, the top 20 participating parties in the encounter will be rewarded with butchering rights.


The picture above shows the routes of the blue whales that can appear in the Calpheon (red line), Balenos (yellow line), and Mediah (blue line) seas. Make sure to follow those lines if your group is searching for a blue whale.


If you’re a first time hunter Adventurer, keep an eye on the server-wide chat channels in case you see people speak about these bosses. Occasionally, you can see others asking if blue whales have appeared, but most of the Adventurers that delve in this aspect of the game are professional whale hunters.

If you make friends with them and catch whales in a party, you can easily adapt and mingle.


Looting rights are limited to the top 20 parties that have participated in hunting the blue whales, and the party that enters the ranking is given a chance to butcher the boss once per party member.


Item Name



Blue Whale Molar

Crafting material

Needed to craft the accessory Blue Whale Molar Earring.

Blue Whale Tendon

Alchemy ingredient

Needed to prepare Whale Tendon Elixir and Whale Tendon Potion.

Blue Whale Oil

Alchemy ingredient

Needed to prepare Perfume of Courage and Perfume of Swiftness.

Blue Whale Meat

Cooking ingredient

Needed to prepare Steamed Whale Meat and Whale Meat Salad.

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience

Magic Crystal

A popular magic crystal to infuse into equipment pieces.

Black Gem


Needed to enhance life skill mastery equipment.

Concentrated Magical Black Gem


Needed to enhance life skill mastery equipment.

Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard


Needed to create Concentrated Magical Black Stone, Flawless Magical Black Stone, and Flawless Chaotic Black Stone.

Gold Bar 10G - Gold Bar 100G


Can be exchanged for silver at a storage keeper.


Cooperative Hunting II – Fugitive Khalk

Fugitive khalks appear in the Longleaf Tree Forest area in southwestern Calpheon, and near Tungrad Forest and Hasrah Cliff in Mediah.
Because they fly in a set path, you must ride a horse and follow it while hunting.


In the case of the fugitive khalks, unlike the blue whales, they appear twice a day on each server at regular intervals.


In order to hunt on horseback, you must equip a matchlock while mounted.


In the pictures below you can see the routes the fugitive khalks travel.
Unlike blue whales, they are relatively easy to find because the route is short and there are no major restrictions on movement.
However, if there is one thing to be cautious about, it is that you must ride your horse well. That is because you have to be paying attention to two things at once: Whether you're looking at the sky, or maneuvering the horse. It's something you get used to once you've done it a few times.


The rules for acquiring looting rights are the same as for blue whales, only the top 20 parties can butcher the defeated fugitive khalk.


Item Name



Fugitive Khalk's Shiny Claw

Crafting material

Needed to craft the blue grade accessory Fugitive Khalk's Earring.

Fugitive Khalk's Skin

Alchemy ingredient

Needed to prepare Khalk's Elixir.

Fugitive Khalk's Horn

Cooking ingredient

Needed to prepare Khalk's Fermented Wine.

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience

Magic Crystal

A popular magic crystal to infuse into equipment pieces.

Black Gem


Needed to enhance life skill mastery equipment.

Concentrated Magical Black Gem


Needed to enhance life skill mastery equipment.

Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard


Needed to create Concentrated Magical Black Stone, Flawless Magical Black Stone, and Flawless Chaotic Black Stone.

Gold Bar 10G - Gold Bar 100g


Can be exchanged for silver at a storage keeper.


Cooperative Hunting III – Rawr-Rawr

Rawr-Rawr, king of the grass rhinos who graze over the fields of O'dyllita, can be found in Narcion.
Protected by its tough hide covered by thick layers of soil and vegetation, Rawr-Rawr's sturdy nature is known far and wide. Rumors abound of a means to utilize its notable characteristic, and many hunters have decided to see if there lies any truth to the matter themselves.

Guaranteed Items

Obtained According to a Set Probability

Rhino Meat

Rhino Blood

Rhino Hide

Fire Horn

Caphras Stone

Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard

Black Gem Fragment

Black Gem

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Breath of Narcion

Rawr-Rawr's Heart

Red Earth Bloodstone

Concentrated Magical Black Gem

Red earth bloodstones can be exchanged for mythical feathers at NPC Lejenti at Dead Moon Post.
Rawr-Rawr's heart is used to craft gauche Rawr-Rawr's heart via processing, which when infused can give a matchlock +50 durability.

Gauche Rawr-Rawr's Heart Recipe

Rawr-Rawr's Heart x1

Forest Fury x3

Magical Shard x10

Black Stone (Weapon) x100

Steel x200


Remember that when a master matchlock has been reformed with this heart, its name will change and it cannot be sold on any NPC shop nor registered in the Central Market.


You can use a mirror of equilibrium to extract the [Hunting] Gauche Master Matchlock to obtain [Hunting] Master Matchlock x1 and Steel x1.


Sniper Rifle Hunting

Sniper rifles can be used to hunt monsters from a great distance and target their weak spots.
You will receive different results depending on the equipment power, hunting mastery, and your skill in playing the minigame to load and aim the sniper rifle.


You can use sniper rifles just like existing hunting matchlocks by pressing RMB while crouched.
Your character must be at least Lv. 30 to be able to use these rifles.

◈ Types of Sniper Rifles

The [Hunting] Practice Sniper Rifle does not require a hunting level to equip, but the [Hunting] Sniper Rifle requires you to be apprentice 10 in the hunting life skill, or have at least 50 hunting mastery.
In the Land of the Morning Light (LoML) across the Great Ocean, you can craft a better sniper rifle, the [Hunting] Marni Sniper Rifle, at the "Dokkebi Tool Workshop" in the Dokkebi Jar. To use it, you need to be artisan 10 or above.


The [Hunting] Practice Sniper Rifle cannot be enhanced, while the [Hunting] Sniper Rifle can be enhanced using Black Stones (Weapon). The [Hunting] Marni Sniper Rifle can be enhanced with Scorching Sun Gemstone.


The practice sniper rifle can be obtained as a reward for the quest A Struggle with the Seagull given by Chuck Laurie, the sniper rifle can be crafted through manufacture (hotkey: L), and the Marni sniper rifle can be crafted in the above-mentioned workshop in the Dokkebi Jar.


Item Name

How to Obtain

[Hunting] Practice Sniper Rifle

(Cannot be enhanced)

Reward for completing the quest A Struggle with the Seagull

[Hunting] Sniper Rifle

(Can be enhanced with

black stones (weapon))

Crafted through manufacture (L). Requires:

Steel x20

Log x1

Pure Iron Crystal x3

Fine Hard Hide x1

[Hunting] Marni Sniper Rifle

(Can be enhanced with

scorching sun gemstones)

Crafted in the Dokkebi Tool Workshop in the Dokkebi Jar (LoML). Requires:

+10 [Hunting] Sniper Rifle x1

Scorching Sun Gemstone x10

Mysterious Powder x1000

Fire Horn x1000

Resplendent Obsidian x10


Note that, when using the Marni sniper rifle, a guide at the bottom of the screen will display the target area.
You can switch between zoom levels for aiming when equipped with [Hunting] Marni Sniper Rifle.
– Zooming in/out: Scroll the mouse wheel up/down while aiming.
– When re-entering the aiming state after firing, it will return to the last used zoom level.


When on standby while equipped with this sniper rifle, right-clicking will smoothly transition into the seated aiming position.


Equipping the Marni sniper rifle will change the appearance of the gun in the sniper UI.


◈ Wild Game Preserve

While you can practice your sniping skills with the elks found in the Fleme Hills, in Balenos, the wild game preserve in the Land of the Morning Light is where sniping truly shines.
You will primarily be able to hunt boars, bears, and hawks in the wild game preserve.
According to the Dalbeol villagers passing by, you'll sometimes come across boars and bears that are different from the usual, and tigers as well. You can obtain rarer items at a higher probability by defeating such animals.
When a gunshot resounds throughout a sniper hunting zone, animals within a 100m radius will react to the sound.
Keep in mind that boars, bears, and tigers will charge toward you when fired at with a rifle, and thus can be quite dangerous.


◈ Thunderpaw

The number of people who claim to have seen a gigantic pawprint in Beombawi Valley, in the Land of the Morning Light, is growing. Imagining the immense size of the owner of this paw, the people have started calling it "Thunderpaw". Though a couple of curious hunters set off to hunt this Thunderpaw, only a sporadic volley of gunshots was heard and none returned home.


To encounter <Mountain Shaking> Thunderpaw, install Honey-coated Meat in their respective locations. Honey-coated Meat can be crafted from Sticky Honey x10 + Pork x300 via simple cooking (hotkey: L). Sticky honey can be obtained by completing daily quests given by Huntkkebi in the wild game preserve.


– Thunderpaw can be taken down through sniper hunting.
– Thunderpaw deals critical damage, so it is best to conceal yourself while attacking.
– When Thunderpaw is hit, it rears up on its hind legs and looks around. This is a chance for you to evade its attention by hiding your body behind obstacles such as trees or rocks.
– If you are too close when you attack Thunderpaw, concealing your body may not be enough to evade its attack.
– Thunderpaw has a strong affinity for honey, so bees become wary of its presence and show defensive behavior.
– When Thunderpaw charges toward you, you can lure it toward nearby beehives, allowing the bees to attack it and buy you some time to escape.


Please note that death penalties (EXP decrease, crystal destruction, etc.) are not applied when you die to <Mountain Shaking> Thunderpaw, and that if you stray too far while in combat with <Mountain Shaking> Thunderpaw, it will go back to its original location. In this case, the HP of <Mountain Shaking> Thunderpaw will recover to 100%, and the beehives will reappear.



Hunting Mastery

The higher your hunting life skill mastery, the more items you will obtain from butchering defeated hunting targets, and the higher the chance to gain rare resources from them. This excludes the items obtained from butchering blue whales, fugitive khalks, humpback whales, and freshwater crocodiles.


Please also note that using a magic or lucky butcher knife on hunted monsters does not further increase your chances.


Your hunting mastery also lets you use certain matchlocks regardless of your hunting life skill level. For example, if you have a professional 2 level of hunting but 400 hunting life skill mastery, you can use a [hunting] artisan matchlock even if you haven’t reached the professional 10 hunting life skill level.


As you increase your hunting life skill mastery, you’ll start obtaining several types of hides. These can be used together with stuffed hunting trophies to craft higher grade versions of the same items. These grant a better buff, or extend its duration.


Additionally, once you possess 250 or more hunting life skill mastery, you’ll be able to obtain the wildspark byproduct item when butchering hunting monsters. Collect x10 wildsparks and visit NPC Liana in each major city to exchange them for the following items:


Required Item

Exchangeable Item (Select one)

Wildspark x10

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x1

Black Gem Fragment x5

900 Contribution EXP + Hunting EXP x30



There is a lot of content to explore in the world of Black Desert, and each Adventurer can choose and enjoy what suits their taste.
Among the myriad of content available to everybody, hunting can make you feel special by defeating monsters in a manner different from normal combat.
With just one matchlock, you can hunt wild animals in the wide world of Black Desert to obtain loot, and use this loot to enjoy various other content features such as cooking and alchemy.
Additionally, one of the great funs of hunting is to collect the various stuffed animals through hunting to decorate one’s residences.
From small weasels to large blue whales, if you hunt many wild animals and learn the fun of hunting, you will be able to become the best hunter in the world someday!

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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