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Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Serveurs et personnages saisonniers

Dernière modification : 30 mai 2024, 14:10 (UTC)


• Season servers are special servers designed to help Adventurers progress faster.
• Only season characters can enter the season servers. You can create a season character by selecting the “Season Character” box on the Character Creation screen.
• The season experience has Tuvala gear, Season Pass rewards, EXP buffs, and other various benefits.
• Season characters can be converted to normal characters by graduating. Upon this, they lose access to the season servers.

Season Servers?



Season servers are designed to make it easier for rookie Adventurers to start Black Desert and progress through its world.
You can only access season servers with a season character.
However, season characters can choose to enter the normal servers as well. Season characters will be converted to normal characters when they “graduate.” After this, they have the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the content available in Black Desert with the same character on the normal servers.



You will see the “Create Season Character” menu when creating a character. Select the button and pick any class you want to create a season character of that class. Alternatively, you can find the choice on your character selection screen.



You can only have one season character at any given time. Upon graduating your season character, it will turn into a normal character, and then you can create a new season character as long as you have season character tickets available.

If you've yet to graduate from the 2023 Summer Season, your Season Character Ticket counter will display 3 tickets. Once you graduate from the summer season, you'll see it drop to 2 tickets, thus starting the evergreen season with the same number of tickets as other adventurers.


We strongly recommend new Adventurers to take their time in leveling and gearing up their season character as much as possible before attempting to graduate from the season servers.


Upon graduation, season characters will be converted into normal ones, and each piece of their season Tuvala gear set with the highest enhancement level will be converted into normal Tuvala gear, and all other duplicates removed (except for rings and earrings which will have a maximum of two of each converted).



Season Server & Character Benefits


Season characters can get the following benefits by playing on the season servers.



◈ Season Pass

The season pass serves as a guide for what your season character should be doing next on the season servers and helps you develop it by experiencing the diverse content offered by Black Desert, such as leveling, enhancement, defeating monsters, and more. It is available in-game via the Black Spirit button located left of the minimap (on the upper right part of the screen).


You can only complete the season pass on the season servers.


As your season character progresses through the season pass, it will also receive season level-up rewards!

• Season & Black Spirit Pass rewards must be collected before graduation. You can restart both passes from the start by graduating and then creating a new season character.
• All unused Black Spirit Pass items will be deleted upon graduation!
• Season Pass rewards must be collected in order.


 Please refer to the [Season Progression Basics] page for more details on this feature.



◈ EXP Bonus

The season servers have permanently active EXP buffs that will help your season character level up faster than normal. These buffs are constantly in effect.

Combat EXP

Skill EXP

Life EXP



+30% (Except trading)



◈ Tuvala Equipment




You can obtain exceptional equipment (gear) called Tuvala from the season servers.


Tuvala gear is exclusive to season servers and boasts exceptional stats to greatly aid new Adventurers adjust to the world of Black Desert.


You can equip Tuvala gear even after a season ends, as well as exchange them for relevant boss gear pieces (ex. PEN (V) Tuvala gear for TET (IV) boss gear).
Please refer to the [Season Gear Guide] page for more details on this type of equipment.

◈ Season Server-exclusive Material



In season servers, you can obtain an exclusive material to acquire and enhance Tuvala equipment.
You can exchange this material for Tuvala gear and other useful items, use them to enhance pieces of Tuvala gear currently in your possession, or sell them to a vendor for a decent amount of silver.



◈ Season Server Graduation Gift



Once you feel your season character has grown enough, it's time to graduate from the season servers. You will be able to obtain special gifts that will greatly aid you in adjusting to the normal servers.


To graduate, you need to complete all season pass challenges & claim all season pass rewards (this includes Black Spirit Pass challenges and rewards if purchased). Once the above requirements are fulfilled, press the "Graduate" button. This will consume a season character ticket.

Please refer to the [Season Graduation] page for more details on early graduation, gifts, and more.


Lastly, check the [Season Server FAQ] page for a list of frequently asked questions regarding season content.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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