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Alchemy is considered magical in Black Desert’s world, and its impact in the world has had many far-reaching consequences. However, it’s a little bit different from the fantastical alchemy we’ve known throughout our own history. Instead of trying to turn lead into gold, it aims to refine and enhance the ingredients employed in order to obtain products with purer properties.

◈ The Basics

While very simple forms of alchemy can be carried out via the simple alchemy processing option, for full fledged alchemy you need to install an alchemy tool inside a residence in order to perform it.


➤ For more information regarding residences, please check the [Houses] page.


Once you have a residence, know that there are several types of alchemy tools, but a basic one will suffice if you are just starting out. You can purchase it from most town General Goods Vendor NPC.



Once you’ve installed the alchemy tool in your residence, interact with it by pressing the R key, and the alchemy window will appear.



The beauty of alchemy is to figure out what ingredients are needed, and mixing them just right to find the perfect ratio.


Select the items from your inventory by right clicking them, and press the Create button to start the process. Depending on the type of tool and other bonuses you might possess, the time to carry out the action will take more or less time.


Keep in mind that, even if the recipe you’re using is correct, there’s a chance that you might fail alchemy if you don’t have the exact number of ingredients required. If you use two of an ingredient when you need three, you’ll have a much lower chance of success.


The ingredients that are used for alchemy greatly vary. They can be mainly obtained from defeating monsters, and gathering plants, animals and minerals.


You can perform alchemy numerous times by using the batch production function. After introducing into the cauldron the ingredients for a single process, press the Batch production button. This way, you’ll be able to perform alchemy until you run out of ingredients in your inventory, or reach your character’s max weight limit capacity


◈ Alchemy Result

Ingredients made through alchemy are usually some of the best ingredients. Additionally, many magic crystals and a variety of elixirs can be earned only through alchemy.


If you succeed in synthesizing a product, you’ll earn alchemy EXP. Even if you fail, you will still earn a small amount of EXP. This way, through trial and error one will gradually level up the life skill. That said, make sure to not go overboard with experimenting, as ingredients for alchemy tend to be rather rare and expensive!


The higher your alchemy life skill level, the more diversity of elixirs, magic crystals, alchemy stones, and more that you will be able to create.


With the information given in this page you are now ready to delve into the world of alchemy. However, if you want to know more about this life skill in detail, we recommend you check the [Advanced Alchemy Guide] page.

*The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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