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Guide de l'aventurier

Central Market

Dernière modification : 29 avr. 2024, 13:11 (UTC)
The Central Market is the only way for Adventurers to trade items with other Adventurers.
As long as you have silver and items in your warehouse, you’ll be able to purchase and sell items from anywhere in Black Desert’s world through the Central Market option in the main menu (hotkey: Esc).




① Basic Information: Shows the silver you have in the market’s warehouse, this one’s volume capacity, a button to manage it and move items between your inventory, the town storage, and the warehouse, and the market silver collection percentage benefit you possess. Depending on the amount of family fame you have, you will be able to collect extra silver from your sales in the market.


② Buy & Sell: The image above shows the Buy menu. Here you can select a category of item until you find the one you want to purchase, or manually search for it. The Sell menu will show you the items you have stored in your warehouse and their current average price for sale, recent purchases/sales you’ve made, other market notifications, and a list of the items you currently have listed for sale (Sell tab) and pre-ordered for purchase (Buy tab).


③ Item Categories: Shows the different categories of items. Each category has its own subcategories you can access by clicking on them.


④ Item List: Shows items that are currently listed or able to be listed on the Central Market. You can click on an item on this list to open its purchase window.


⑤ Search Type: You can choose to search through all categories or just within the category you’ve selected.
⑥ Search Bar: Enter the name of an item to search it. Modified by the search type you’ve selected.


⑦ Status: Opens a window where you can see the items you have listed for sale and your pending pre-orders of items. It is the same as the Sell & Buy tab of the Sell menu.


Managing the Warehouse

To purchase and sell items in the Central Market, you must have silver to purchase them, and need to have the items you want to sell, both stored in your warehouse.


You can access and manage your warehouse through the Central Market Director NPCs or via transaction maids/butlers. The Central Market directors can be found in the main cities & town of every territory.


– Balenos: Velia > Shiel
– Serendia: Heidel > Cleia
– Calpheon: Calpheon City > Elle Belucci
– Mediah: Altinova > Lucy Benkum
– Valencia: Valencia City > Tasaila Hilla / Muiquun (for negative karma characters) > Makhan Murad
– Kamasylvia: Grána > Grelias / Old Wisdom Tree > Auciel Renf
– Drieghan: Duvencrune > Tamasa
– O’dyllita: O’draxxia > Veloan
– Mountain of Eternal Winter: Eilton > Bayarma
– Land of the Morning Light: Nampo's Moddle Village > Mayoung / Dalbeol Village > Youngsoo / Npsae's Byept County > Geowan


There are various methods to deposit silver to your personal Central Market warehouse.


– Press the Central Market button when interacting with a Central Market Director NPC.
– Press the Open Central Market button when using a transaction maid/butler.
– Press the Warehouse button when interacting with a storage keeper in any major city/town.

Seen above is the Central Market window that is displayed when using a transaction maid/butler.


The Manage Warehouse window when using the Central Market through both Central Market Director and Storage Keeper NPCs is the same one, with only one difference: via those two types of NPCs you will also be able to move items from the town’s storage.


Your personal warehouse for the Central Market is capped at 5,000 VT, but can be gradually expanded for another 2,000 VT as your family fame increases.


You can move up to 200 VT of a single type of item to and from the warehouse at a time using a transaction maid/butler. The item description for each item has the warehouse volume of the item. Keep in mind that the warehouse volume for an item and its natural weight might not coincide.


The Central Market warehouse is shared by all characters of a family across all territories throughout Black Desert’s world.


Selling Items

Once you’ve placed an item in your warehouse, you can sell it on the Central Market. The window below will open when you go to Central Market - Warehouse and select an item in your Warehouse.

You can register items for sale on the Central Market in the Sell window after you select the price and the number of items of that type you want to sell. In the example above, x440 Bottle of River Water are being registered for sale. At an individual price of 6,250 silver each, the total amount will be 2,750,000 silver.
Once you’ve put an item for sale, you have to wait for a buyer to purchase it. Once that happens, you will receive the sale’s silver.
However, if you’re selling an item to a pre-order, like seen in the image above where it says there are 54,445 orders placed for a Bottle of River Water at 6,250 silver each, the item will be sold immediately to one of those pre-orders, and you will equally fast receive the sale’s silver.


The Central Market takes a 30% commission for each sale, and each territory takes 5% per sale, for a total of 35% that is reduced from the total value of the sale. This means you’ll collect 65% of the selling price. This quantity of silver is automatically sent to your warehouse.


However, if you have a Value Pack then you can collect an additional 30%, which sums up to 84.5% of the total selling price.


Old Moon Trade Pass

These trading passes issued by the Old Moon Guild give a buff of +5% Central Market silver collection for one transaction. They’re obtained from exchanging a rare item with any Old Moon Guild Manager NPC.


When used, the Old Moon Trade Pass is consumed. The applied effects of its use can be checked in the Central Market interface.
The Old Moon Trade Pass effects are applied during the sale of an item, not during the sale’s silver collection. This means, the effect is linked to the act of selling the item.


The effects of the trade pass can be applied to a single item (x1 Bottle of River Water) or stackable items (x100 Bottle of River Water). The pass’ effects will also work when partially collecting the silver.


However, the effects will disappear when the item is withdrawn from the list of items listed for sale. This means that, if you apply the trade pass to an item, put it on sale at a certain price, and later you change the price of the item (because it went up, for example), the effect of the trade pass will be lost, as changing the price of a listed item for sale is an act of re-listing the item.


Do note that the effect of this pass does not stack with benefits from a Rich Merchant's Ring, and that the Central Market silver collection increase effect does not apply to Pearl Item transactions.


Purchasing Items

You spend the silver stored in your warehouse when you purchase items from the Central Market. Therefore, you need to have sufficient silver in your warehouse at all times if you want to make any purchase.


Once you have enough silver in your warehouse, select the item you want to buy. After this, select the price at which you want to purchase the item, and then press the Buy button.




If the item is in stock, you’ll get it immediately (if there is 1 or more of it on the Central Market).


If the item is not in stock, then a pre-order for it will be placed. The Central Market will take your silver at this point.
When another Adventurer lists the item to be sold on the Central Market later, the Adventurer that placed their pre-order at the highest price will get it first. If there are multiple Adventurers that placed the highest pre-order at the same price, then the item is sold randomly.



Above you can see several orders placed for different items.
If the Central Market​​​​​​​ updates the top prices for items you’ve pre-ordered, you can re-list the items at new prices.


Canceling a placed pre-order will return you the silver spent.


 * The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.


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