Black Desert va commencer dans quelques instants.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert si le jeu ne se lance pas.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

Le jeu sera lancé si le lanceur est déjà installé.
Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier


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In order to understand the world of Black Desert, you need to interact with various NPCs.
They know a lot of things you do not, and they provide you with everything you need to explore the world and continue your adventure. But as is often the case, it is not common for most people to talk to and trust a stranger. Help NPCs to the extent of your power. They will become a strong ally to rely on as your story progresses.



◈ Quest Window Interface

Press the default hotkey “O” to show your Quest Window.



1. Quest Category Tab: You can select the category of quests you want to view: Ongoing quests, Main quests, Suggested quests, Recurring quests, or New quests.


● Main quests are those that advance the game’s main story.


● Suggested quests are lists of quests that direct you to unlock game features and/or serve as tutorials for them, but they can also be quests that lead you to obtain important items.An example of the first would be [ADV Support] Family-fitting Inventory, which unlocks the family inventory feature. An example of the second would be [ADV Support] Tool Bag for Better Convenience, which rewards you with Liana’s Tool Bag, an essential item for the Gathering Life Skill.


● Recurring quests are lists of useful quests that can be repeated on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the quest.
For example, Combat ones will direct you towards obtaining better equipment, while Contribution ones will guide you to obtain Contribution experience to increase your Contribution Points.


● New quests are those recently added to the game. They tend to be related to new features or ongoing events.


2. Groups: You can group ongoing quests by region (Balenos, Serendia, etc.) or type (Black Spirit, Story, Town, etc.)


3. Classification: If you select to see quests by Region, quests will be arranged by the region they’re from (Mediah, Drieghan, etc. as seen in the image above). If you select to see quests by Type, quests will be arranged by their type. Press each group to close or open it.


4. Quest Tracker Display: If you uncheck this box found to the left of every quest name, your quest will not appear on the quest tracker.


5. Quest Options: These allow you to forfeit an ongoing quest, display the location of an ongoing quest in the Minimap and World Map and activate a navigation route to reach it, and to auto-run to the location of a quest, which in addition to showing the location of an ongoing quest, automatically moves your character towards it.


6. Preferences: This is a function that allows you to choose which kinds of quests to receive from the Black Spirit and NPCs. You can only receive quests belonging to the activated type.


It is highly suggested to have all the options toggled on until you are experienced with the game, as otherwise, one might miss incredibly useful quests for beginners, as well as become stuck upon attempting to continue already started quest chains.
Please note that the Main Story quest type cannot be disabled.


The Quest Summary window appears to the right when you click on a quest.



7. Basic Reward: Everything that appears within the slots to the right is obtained.


8. Optional Reward: Upon quest completion, you must select one of the rewards within the slots to the right. Only one is obtained.



◈ Quest tracker

The quest tracker that is displayed on the right side of the screen, below the Minimap, distinguishes main quests (Black Spirit and story quests, at its top) from other types of quests.


These Black Spirit and main story quests will guide you through the story and show you Monster Zones for each appropriate level, as well as reward good items and introduce you to each territory’s variety of content. They will always help you explore the world of Black Desert, so you should always pay attention to the quests displayed at the top of the quest tracker.


The yellow part at the top of the quest tracker shows the three most recently received or completed requests.
Even if you conduct many quests at the same time, it takes just a glance to view the progress of your quests.



1. Main Quest: The main quest that is in progress or the next one to do and not yet accepted is displayed here.


2. Settings: You can configure the quest tracker in more detail.


3. Recently Updated Quest: Up to three newly taken or completed quests are displayed first.


4. Completed Quest: Completed quests get crossed out by a golden effect and the completion target appears in green. You can receive rewards by talking with their designated NPC.


5. Quest Options: In addition to the Quest Options icons explained above, here you can also find an icon to remove a quest from the quest tracker.


6. Quest Type Icon: You can identify what type of quest it is; for example Story quest, Black Spirit quest, Repeatable quest, and more, through this icon found to the left before every quest’s name.


Click on any quest in the tracker to open the Quest Window and display more information on them.



In the World Map screen (hotkey: M), you can also view the summary of your quests and the area they involve.



In the World Map screen, right-click on the quest icon to view the path to the area.



◈ Preferences

Completing quests is a way to get a variety of rewards including Contribution experience, useful items, knowledge entries, and more.
However, because there are so many quests in Black Desert, it may be a little harder to complete all the quests you encounter at the start of your adventure.
Therefore, you will be able to select the type of quest you want only if your character is level 20 or above.


If you press the Settings button in the quest tracker, or check the Preferences section at the bottom of the Quest Window, you can select the type of quests you want to be visible.

If you want to ignore all combat quests and only receive Life Skills quests, you can select 'Life Quests' in the settings. If instead you want to do all the quests in Black Desert, you can select the ‘All Quests’ option.

If you want to proceed with a repeatable quest, such as daily quests, you can select 'Other quests'.



You can receive only the kind of quests you want by pressing the filter located at the bottom of the Quest Window or the quest tracker's 'Settings' button.



◈ Is It Necessary to Do Quests?

Quests provide the most helpful insight regarding what is happening around the world of Black Desert, and many serve as an introduction or tutorial to help you experience various features for the first time and get you acquainted with them.


Furthermore, quests help your game experience through the rewards they offer, such as Contribution experience, skill points, consumables, and more that are considered essential for one’s time inside the game.


That being said, you are not forced to proceed with most quests, and not doing quests won’t affect your enjoyment of the different types of content offered by the game.


However, please do note that certain features can only be unlocked, and important items received, by completing the quests related to them. These, in turn, might require to have progressed via the game’s main quest with at least one character.



◈ My Desired Quests Do Not Appear

Some quests only appear after you’ve completed their requirements.
Depending on the quest, the requirement might be a certain statistic of the game, like your character’s level, or having completed previous quests.
Other quests for example only appear when you have a specific knowledge entry to unlock them, or when your character moves to a certain location of the world.


Quests that appear on the Suggested list of the quest window (hotkey: O) have their requirements listed. If the quest you want to carry out does not appear at the NPC, make sure that the requirements are met.



If a quest does not appear, please check its requirements. These are often a required character or life skill level, time of the day, or having completed previous quests.



◈ How to Receive a Quest

To receive a quest, you must go to an NPC who is waiting for an adventurer. An NPC with a quest has an icon with a yellow border over its body. Get close to an NPC and press the interaction key (R) to listen to their concerns.


You can check the progress and completion status of a quest according to the color of the icon border at the NPC.

- Yellow means the quest has not been accepted yet.
- Blue means the quest is in progress.
- Red means the quest’s objective is completed and you can complete the quest at the NPC.


Please note that quests for Life Skills activities such as fishing, gathering, alchemy, and others, are shown in light green, not yellow, when they’ve yet to be accepted.




You can see the different colors according to the quest type and status.


In addition to regular NPCs, you can also receive quests through the Black Spirit, objects in the world, and items. If you belong to a guild, you can receive various kinds of guild missions too.
A guild mission’s reward is given only if the quest has been completed within a certain period of time from the point when the Guild Master pays the down payment in advance and accepts it.


Rewards for guild missions are made up of the essentials for guild operations.



◈ Quest Type

There are seven types of quests in Black Desert:

You may notice what type the quest is by the icon in front of the quest title.


1. Black Spirit: The black spirit gives you this quest when you reach a certain level or meet certain conditions.



2. Story: This quest contains stories about Black Desert’s world and its characters.



3. Town: This is a basic quest given by any NPC throughout the game.



4. Exploration: These quests send you to find new areas.



5. Trade: These quests are related to the purchase and sale of trade goods.



6. Life Skills: This type of quest will require you to carry out an activity related to a Life Skill, like cooking a dish or gathering herbs.



7. Repeatable: Quests that can be repeated at set intervals. Daily quests reset every day at midnight UTC time, while weekly quests reset on Thursday (Wednesday to Thursday), also UTC time.




◈ Crossroads Quests

A crossroad quest is one in which the contents of it are changed by your choice. When certain quests are accepted, another NPC (most of the time the Black Spirit) will intervene and give a different quest to do in its place. If you accept this new quest, the previously accepted quest is automatically canceled.


It is better to choose a crossroad quest after checking both quests’ rewards rather than choosing it thoughtlessly, because the reward tends to be totally different for each quest.
Keep in mind that if you cancel the quest your option will be reset and you can make the selection again.


Additionally, during the main questlines, various crossroad situations are encountered. While one may want to do one choice or another depending on their personal objective, for example doing the quests as quickly as possible or wanting to follow a certain path for the story, please keep in mind that all main quest crossroad options must be completed at one point or another to receive all the different rewards available in each separate one.


As main quests can only be done once per character, you will need to choose different main quest crossroad options with different characters to obtain all the unique rewards, most of the time knowledge entries.



◈ Quest Reward

When you complete a quest, an NPC offers a variety of rewards:


Contribution experience, skill points, combat experience, all kinds of consumable items, and more, that are essential for the game experience.
It is more efficient to obtain skill points and contribution experience by completing quests rather than acquiring them by other methods.

Quests that guide you through an unfamiliar feature will give you rewards that are related and useful for said feature.


A wagon that is convenient for trade, a gathering tool required for gathering, magic crystals required for transfusion, furniture that can be installed in a residence, etc. rewards such as these are given to anyone who completes the quest.


When it comes to optional rewards, you must select one of several rewards.


Remember that if the number of empty inventory slots is smaller than the number of reward items, or smaller than two, you cannot complete the quest. Items you don't use can be sold to a vendor, stored in storage at a town, or discarded into the trash.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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