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The materials that you obtain through gathering and processing can be used in town workshops and workbenches to craft new items.


There is a great variety of items you can craft: weapons, armor, reform stones, decorations, clothes, wagons, ships, and even trade good items. Thus, it is a good idea to learn how to craft.


There are two types of crafting.
– General crafting, which completes an item with a single work task.
– Large scale crafting, which requires multiple work tasks.


With general crafting you can craft gathering tools, equipment pieces, and other similar items.

With large scale crafting you can craft ship licenses and wagon registrations.



Crafting in Black Desert is different from any other game. Instead of crafting the items yourself, you hire workers to craft them for you. It might feel awkward at first, but it gets more interesting as you go along.

The Basics

You need three things to craft an item: its crafting materials, contribution points to invest in houses, and workers.
◈ Materials

Materials are the basic elements needed to craft items. They can be obtained through gathering or processing, or can often be purchased from other Adventurers via the Central Market.


If you want to know what materials are required to craft an item, press the F2 key on your keyboard while inside the game. It will bring up the Adventurer’s Board. On the top right corner of the window you will find the Crafting Notes button. There, you can search for items and materials.


Please note that If an item is not registered on the Crafting Notes window, you can find what materials it needs at a workshop / workbench where you craft that item.



 ➤ You can read more about this function in the [Crafting Notes] page.



 ◈ Contribution Points

In order to craft items, you need crafting facilities such as workshops or workbenches.
To obtain these, you need contribution points.
You can earn EXP to obtain these points by finishing most quests available in the game.



You will also need contribution points to obtain houses for your workers’ lodgings, as well as for investment in production nodes from where to collect resources required for crafting.


➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Contribution] page.



◈ Workers

Crafting in Black Desert is done not by your own character, but by sending a worker to a workshop or a workbench.


You can contract workers through the work supervisors in each town or city.
You can get one worker for each town by default. For more workers, you will need to obtain lodging for them. For this, you need to repurpose a purchased house as lodging.



➤ You can read more about these features in the [Workers] and [Houses] pages.


General Crafting

In order to craft a simple item you need to obtain certain materials. To obtain these yourself, you need gathering tools.
Basic gathering tools are sold by material vendors. However, you can make better quality tools with higher durability and reduced gathering time yourself, allowing you to gather more.


Let’s learn about general crafting by crafting a gathering tool, a lumbering axe.



◈ Purchasing a Tool Workshop

You need a tool workshop in order to craft gathering tools. First, click on Heidel in the World Map screen (hotkey: M).
Then, use the search tab on the right top corner of the screen to locate a tool workshop of level 3.



A blue arrow will mark the locations of houses of the searched type.
When you click on the house marked by the arrow, it will display a menu with the house’s information. Select the Tool Workshop option and then press Purchase: Tool Workshop.


To purchase a house, you need contribution points and silver. Additionally, some houses require previous ones to be purchased. So, if you want to buy 5-3, you may need to buy 5-1, F1 first.


The invested contribution points work as a deposit. You can get them back when you return the house.




◈ Preparing the Materials

After changing the use of a house to a tool workshop, click on the Manage Crafting button to reveal a list of craftable items on the left.



If the items are displayed in gray, it is because you do not have enough materials in the storage of the worker you’re selecting to carry out the crafting task.


In order to make a lumbering axe, you need Maple Timber x1, Steel x3, Iron Ingot x10, and Black Stone Powder x5.
As mentioned earlier, crafting in Black Desert is done by workers. So you’ll need to keep the materials in the town/city storage of the worker you’re tasking to carry out the crafting, and not in your inventory or the town’s storage (unless the worker is from there).


• Maple Timber: You can obtain it by cutting down ash trees around Heidel with a lumbering axe that you can purchase from a material vendor.

• Steel: Use Heating (Processing) with Melted Iron Shard x5 and Coal x5. You can obtain these materials in the mine near the entrance of Heidel.
• Iron Ingot: Use Heating (Processing) with Melted Iron Shard x10.
• Black Stone Powder: You can make this through the refinery in Heidel 5-1, 1F or by grinding (Processing) Black Stones.


While crafting materials such as these can be easily obtained by gathering and processing, you can also buy them from the Central Market.


Once you have prepared all the materials, go to Amerigo, the storage keeper in Heidel, and place all the materials into your storage.


This guide will use workers in Heidel, so we shall store materials in Heidel's storage. If you want to use a worker from another town, you must keep the materials at that town’s storage.



◈ Hired Workers

Now that you have the workshop and the materials in place, you just need a worker to make the lumbering axe.
Go to Joel, the work supervisor of Heidel, and hire a worker. You need 5 energy to look for a worker, and you’ll need a small amount of silver to hire them, as well as enough lodging space.


If you don’t have enough space for workers, you can get a worker’s lodging. You can obtain them the same way you purchased the workshop. Once you have more lodging, you can hire more workers.




◈ Time to Craft

When the tool workshop, the materials, and the worker are all prepared, you will be able to select the product to be made on the list of items in the workshop.



Crafting will begin once you set how many times you want the worker to craft the item, and the time it will take for each craft can be seen on the Estimated Work Time section of the window.


Press the Change button to set the number of times you want to craft that item, and click confirm.
Please note that the maximum number of times a worker can be set up to carry out a task is 50,000. The worker will automatically stop working when the work is finished, does not have enough crafting materials, or its stamina is depleted.


The crafting materials in the storage will disappear the moment the crafting task begins. Be careful, because even if you cancel the work in the middle of the process, or even a second after pressing the Start Work button, you cannot get back the materials.


When crafting finishes, you can find the completed product in the town’s storage.




◈ Complete Now Function

Simple crafts can be instantly completed without waiting when pressing the "Complete Now" button. When doing so, your craft will be instantly completed after paying a silver fee. The silver fee is calculated depending on the amount of time that it takes to craft the item.


Remaining Crafting Time Silver Cost Remaining Crafting Time Silver Cost

10 min or less

10,000,000 660 min or less 360,000,000
20 min or less 20,000,000 690 min or less 370,000,000
30 min or less 30,000,000 720 min or less 380,000,000
40 min or less 40,000,000 750 min or less 390,000,000
50 min or less 50,000,000 780 min or less 400,000,000
60 min or less 60,000,000 810 min or less 410,000,000
72 min or less 70,000,000 840 min or less 420,000,000
84 min or less 80,000,000 870 min or less 430,000,000
96 min or less 90,000,000 900 min or less 440,000,000
108 min or less 100,000,000 930 min or less 450,000,000
120 min or less 110,000,000 960 min or less 460,000,000
135 min or less 120,000,000 1000 min or less 470,000,000
150 min or less 130,000,000 1040 min or less 480,000,000
165 min or less 140,000,000 1080 min or less 490,000,000
180 min or less 150,000,000 1120 min or less 500,000,000
195 min or less 160,000,000 1160 min or less 510,000,000
210 min or less 170,000,000 1200 min or less 520,000,000
225 min or less 180,000,000 1240 min or less 530,000,000
240 min or less 190,000,000 1280 min or less 540,000,000
260 min or less 200,000,000 1320 min or less 550,000,000
280 min or less 210,000,000 1360 min or less 560,000,000
300 min or less 220,000,000 1400 min or less 570,000,000
320 min or less 230,000,000 1440 min or less 580,000,000
340 min or less 240,000,000 1500 min or less 590,000,000
360 min or less 250,000,000 1560 min or less 600,000,000
380 min or less 260,000,000 1620 min or less 610,000,000
400 min or less 270,000,000 1680 min or less 620,000,000
420 min or less 280,000,000 1740 min or less 630,000,000
440 min or less 290,000,000 1800 min or less 640,000,000
480 min or less 300,000,000 1860 min or less 650,000,000
510 min or less 310,000,000 1920 min or less 660,000,000
540 min or less 320,000,000 1980 min or less 670,000,000
570 min or less 330,000,000 2040 min or less 680,000,000
600 min or less 340,000,000 2100 min or less 690,000,000
630 min or less 350,000,000 2160 min or less 700,000,000


Large Scale Crafting

The main difference between general crafting and large scale crafting is that you will need to carry out several work tasks to complete a product with large scale crafting, while a single work task will suffice when crafting an item via general crafting.


As an example of large scale crafting, let’s craft a ship license.



◈ Purchase a Shipyard

In order to craft a ship license, you need a shipyard.
Just like the tool workshop, you can click Velia on the World Map screen, and use the search tab on the top right corner to locate a shipyard.



In this town, the shipyard is located on the second floor of 3-2.



◈ Preparing the Materials

Large scale crafting tends to require a lot more materials than general crafting. 
When you click on the Manage Crafting button to look at the required materials, you will notice an important difference in the menu’s layout.


In the tool workshop, the Manage Crafting window shows a list of all the items that can be crafted in that workshop. For large scale crafting, the list will show only one product at a time. That’s why, when you see the list for the first time, you may not find the item you are looking for. By clicking on the arrow on the top right side of the menu, you can move to another craftable item.



Don’t want to craft a ship license for a rowboat? Press the arrow at the top right corner of the menu to look for the license to craft a raft.



When you look at the materials for the ship license: raft, it shows you need logs and black stone powder. The number on the right side of the material’s name shows the amount of work tasks that the worker has to do, and the 9/1 in the Detailed Work Information window says you need 1 of that material for a single task, and you currently have 9. As such, as your worker needs to perform 3 tasks with that item, you will need 3.


So, in order to craft this ship license, you need 25 logs and 3 units of black stone powder, and the total number of work tasks is 28, as you can see in the required work count at the top part of the window. For small large scale crafts like this one it isn’t as useful, but for really big projects it is good to know from the beginning the total amount of work tasks required.


• Log: You can get this when you cut down trees with the lumbering axe, regardless of the type of tree.

• Black Stone Powder: You can make this through the refinery in Velia 3-1, or by grinding (Processing) Black Stones.


Prepared materials can be used for crafting once you put them in the storage of the same town your workers are from. This is important, as workers cannot be moved between towns.



◈ Hired Workers

You were only able to use one worker for general crafting earlier, but for large scale crafting you need to carry out a lot more work tasks to complete crafting the desired item. Due to this, you can use multiple workers in large scale crafting.


Go to the Work Supervisor NPC of the town, and hire more workers to finish crafting faster.
If you do not have enough space for workers, as earlier, purchase more workers’ lodging to be able to hire more workers.


If the worker has skills related to large scale crafting, or has learned shipbuilding / wagon-making skills such as Mount Knowledge, they will work faster compared to other workers.



◈ Time to Craft

Now that you have a shipyard, the required materials, and a good amount of workers ready, we can now start crafting the ship license for the raft.


Choose from the list of required tasks to the left which one you want to start, and the worker you want to carry it out from the worker list to the right.
After setting the number of work tasks, press the Start Work button to start crafting.


Be careful with starting a large scale craft, because you won’t be able to craft anything else there until the project has been finished.

In general crafting, you needed to have all the materials ready in order to start the crafting of the desired item. However in large scale crafting, only one of the materials needs to be ready before starting.
For example, you need a total of 25 logs to finish the ship license for a raft, but a worker requires only 1 log per work task. As such, your worker can begin working even if you only have 1 log in your storage.

Since large scale crafting requires a lot of materials, you can send other workers to work on producing more materials. You can save time by starting on the large scale craft first, and producing the materials needed at the same time.


As with general crafting, if you cancel a large scale crafting project once it has begun, you will not be able to get back the materials that have already been used so far.

When you have finished all 28 work tasks, you will be able to find your ship license: raft in the town’s storage, the same way you got the lumbering axe.


You can craft so many and different items using similar processes. Among them, equipment for your characters and mounts, trade goods, furniture for your residence, enhancement & reform items, gathering tools, and even siege weapons for PvP wars.



Why don’t you also try crafting your own items?


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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