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Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Season Progression Basics

Dernière modification : 12 juin 2024, 13:09 (UTC)


• We recommend that you progress your season character via the main questline.

• For Adventurers who are well-adapted to playing Black Desert, the simplified main questline is a way to progress quickly.

• Refer to the Season Pass for easier character progression while receiving rewards.

Leveling Your Season Character

◈ Progressing via the main questline

If you are an Adventurer in a season server for the first time, it is recommended that you progress your character via the main questline.
Even if you have been playing Black Desert before, it is recommended that you progress your character via the main questline if you are not used to the world of Black Desert.


As you complete a variety of quests in the main questline, you’ll travel throughout the world of Black Desert, as well as receive a variety of rewards helpful in progressing your character.


You can accept quests from the main questline from the Main Quest option from the Black Spirit (hotkey: , ).



Remember that you press the (,) key to summon the Black Spirit, and accept a main quest (Q).


You can check the main quests that you have accepted from the Main Quest window on the right part of the screen. Right-click them to navigate to the quest location.
You can conveniently move to the location by using the Auto Run (hotkey: T) function while the Navigate function is activated.


You can auto-run to your destination by pressing T when the Navigate function is activated.

◈ Which Crossroads quest should you select? “Choose any.”

From time to time, you may get crossroads quest options while proceeding with the main questline. You can check a synopsis of the storylines for each crossroads quest when you’re about to choose them.


No matter which quest you select, the overall gameplay is unaffected, but there are obtainable knowledge entries and different storylines that you can experience only with certain crossroads quests. For your initial character, you can freely choose the crossroads option that interests you the most, since all options will allow you to continue with the main storyline once you’ve completed the crossroads quest.



It doesn’t matter which crossroads quest you select. The counter at the top lets you check the number of times you’ve selected each crossroads quest with your family of characters.
Do keep in mind that eventually, you will need to experience all the different crossroads options with different characters if you wish to obtain all their unique rewards.


However, if you already are a veteran Adventurer, you may see you’re offered the simplified questline by the Black Spirit after speaking with Alustin in Velia, and once more at the end of Balenos’ main questline.
Please check the next section for more information on this.



◈ Simplified Questline



If any character in your family has completed the quest [Pet] Bareeds' Junaid, which can be obtained once you’ve completed Mediah’s main questline, you can skip the main questline up to and including the Mediah questline via the ”simplified” questline with a season character.
Although you can receive the main rewards from the main questline every time you reach a certain level when selecting the simplified questline, you need to level up by finding and going to the monster zones yourself, since there are no main quests to complete for you.

The requirements to access the simplified main questline are the following:
• Playing on a season character.
• Completed the main quest [Balenos] Dark Clouds Over Velia.
• Having completed the quest [Pet] Bareeds' Junaid previously.

Once you fulfill the requirements above, you will be prompted via a crossroads questline selection window to choose between the original or simplified main questlines.
Keep in mind that once you pick a questline, you cannot change your selection!


It may be a fast way to progress a character for Adventurers who are well-adapted to the world of Black Desert. However, Adventurers who are not yet familiar with the game may have difficulty with the simplified questline, so think carefully before selecting.



◈ Gear for Season Characters

Season characters cannot equip normal equipment. They can only equip season-exclusive gear or gear obtained from the main questline.


Adventurers usually enhance Naru gear up to PEN (V), exchange it for PRI (I) Tuvala gear, and then enhance the Tuvala gear up to PEN (V). You can enhance your Tuvala gear up to TRI without failing.


Check out the details for this process on the [Season Gear Guide] page.


Season Pass



You can receive rewards for the progression of your character via the Season Pass window while on a season server. You can also refer to the season pass as a kind of guide for the different types of content features available in a season server, and how to further progress your character.


Note that for characters taking the simplified questline, you can complete the season pass by talking to the Black Spirit (hotkey: , ) once your character has reached a certain level.


After selecting the simplified main questline, the following season pass challenge will change.


Completed the Simplified Questline Offered by NPC Alustin

Automatically Complete the Season Pass Challenge Below!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 2

Joy of Growing Stronger


Once you’ve completed all the season pass objectives, you can convert your season character to a normal character. Please refer to the [Season Graduation] page for more details on graduation, gifts, and more.



◈ Seals of Journey

Gather [Season] Seal of Journey, obtained from season pass challenge rewards, and bring them to Pulvio in Velia to exchange them for the following items.



 Exchangeable at All Times



Items (at all times)


Cron Stone


[Event] Crio's Choose Your Fruit Box (x50)


[Event] Crio's Choose Your Trace Box (x100)


Memory Fragment Bundle (20-50)


Mythical Feather


[Event] Rare Courser Training Box


[Event] Golden Blessing of Agris


[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll


Choose Your Artisan Worker Box I


Once Per Family



Items (once per Family)


Mount Skill Selection Coupon


Choose Your Pet Box


[Event] Maid for Hire Box


Advice of Valks (+100)


Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon


Floramos Accessory (Choose 1 Ring, Earring, Necklace, or Belt)


3 Weapon Exchange Coupons


Mythical Censer


Note that [Season] Seal of Journey exchange quests are not reset upon graduation!


Lastly, you can check the [Season Server FAQ] page for a list of frequently asked questions regarding season content.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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