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Wizard Lore

Dernière modification : 19 mai 2023, 14:05 (UTC)
◈ Awakening

In some very distant space lay the world of sages, and in it the Godr-Ayed Thea was a leading organization.


Three young wizards stood at the center of the creation of the Godr-Ayed Thea. They ceaselessly dedicated themselves to the pursuit of all knowledge, pouring their resources into investigating the primordial elements. All research began with these three individuals, who despite their young age, possessed knowledge far beyond their years. Among the three, the one known as Lord Red was considered the brightest, and perhaps was the wisest in their entire world.


He was always one step ahead of the curve, and all successful research of the Godr-Ayed Thea flowed through him. Of course, this was a sense of pride for Lord Red. He was at the center of the Godr-Ayed Thea, and he strived for perfection.

One of Lord Red's most acclaimed achievements was the invention of the “Sphera,” the first magical tool. Lord Red named this first tool the “Godr Sphera” after the Godr-Ayed Thea itself.
After inventing the sphera, Lord Red continued to make strides with frightening speed. He became able to summon and commune with two guardian spirits by using the Godr Sphera. Marg, the guardian of fire, embodied the destructive power of nature, while Arne, the guardian of water, offered spiritual support, juxtaposing the potential of Marg.


While Lord Red had achieved so much in the name of the Godr-Ayed Thea, his findings also became a source of great concern. Largely due to Marg, the guardian of fire, whose destructive might was extremely difficult to contain, which Lord Red barely managed by utilizing the Godr Sphera under the organization's wary gaze.


Marg presented issues for the entire Godr-Ayed Thea. The purpose of the organization was the pursuit of knowledge via the study of the primordial elements, not that of destruction. A schism formed, and groups envious of Lord Red’s achievements took the lead. Accusations of leading the Godr-Ayed Thea down a dark road soon began to be thrown around. Yet Lord Red was so engrossed with his studies, that he largely ignored the accusations.


Not long after, all of the Godr-Ayed Thea came to a consensus and denounced Lord Red as a lunatic, blinded and driven mad by the pursuit of destruction. The Godr-Ayed Thea began drifting away from Lord Red, and some even began to credit Marg for Lord Red's accomplishments.

Lord Red, so used to being renowned as the top sage, was offended by this slight. One of the only things that could match Lord Red's knowledge of the elements was his ego, and once he began to feel offended by the Godr-Ayed Thea, he began sending threats.
He promised death and destruction on the organization multiple times, yet his threats were ignored. Fueling his rage further, he eventually attempted a hostile takeover of the Godr-Ayed Thea. Unleashing fire magic that he himself could not contain, he made it to the Wizard's Chamber, the center of the world. It was at that moment when victory seemed so close that, upon sensing the threat, the absorption magic of the Godr-Ayed Thea was activated, consumed his magic, and banished Lord Red to a distorted space for defying nature's law.


While trapped in that space, Lord Red came to realize that he was being consumed by Marg, the guardian of fire. Both body and soul were succumbing to the destructive influence of the being, and Lord Red realized that he needed to fight back. The fight consumed his very being, yet he emerged victorious, though aged considerably. Yet he was still trapped, losing his anchoring in reality, and slowly losing his humanity.


Suddenly he felt something. Another human attempting to follow his path, trying to reach the distorted space. As he focused, he realized that it was someone from the same world he hailed from who concentrated their research through a different type of sphera. He saw in her the thirst for knowledge that drove him in the past, and for the first time, he was scared.
He feared the witch would follow him to the pocket space, that her thirst for knowledge would lead her down a path that she would never be able to escape from. In order to save her, and himself, he destroyed the Godr Sphera. The resulting explosion shattered his prison, ripped apart the boundaries of time and space, and swept him into the ether. As his consciousness faded, he was sure that he had successfully stopped the witch on her path.


When he finally came to and opened his eyes, he locked eyes with his aged self reflected in the waters of the lake beside him. He felt his humanity return, and could not stop thinking as though the very lake had saved his life.

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