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Ranger Lore

Dernière modification : 29 sept. 2022, 14:45 (UTC)
◈ Awakening

In the time before recorded history, a holy tree took root and stood at the highest place of the forest. There, Goddess Sylvia descended alongside the nature spirits and bestowed upon the tree the name Kamasylve. At its foot she received the energy of the sun and the moon and conceived life, and the land under the tree became known as Kamasylvia.


The goddess bore twins. The child resembling the light of the sun was named Ganelle, and the child resembling the darkness of the moon was named Vedir. While nurturing her own children, one day the goddess sealed her will into the Kamasylve, the sacred tree, and then returned to the heavens. The children established a civilization and prospered under the protection of the spirits and the sacred tree.


The power of the Kamasylve tree was boundless. The descendants of Sylvia took full advantage of it, and indulging in abundance and cornucopia, they became lazier day after day. Until one day the dark spirits who were after the power of the sacred tree ravaged Kamasylvia.


The war was devastating. The children of Sylvia, softened by their over-reliance on the sacred tree, were unable to protect themselves, and the burden of defending the land fell solely on the Kamasylve, at least until the time the goddess would reappear. And so it came to be, that with the last vestiges of the sacred tree’s power, the dark invaders were repelled. Having consumed all its energy defending the land of the goddess from the dark spirits, the tree went into a long slumber, but before sleep overcame the sacred tree, it entrusted its oldest branches to the Ganelle and the Vedir. 


After a long study, they discovered that the branches of the Kamasylve could be altered to transcend their form by fusing them with the power of the spirits, and the resulting weapons were spirit swords they called the Kamasylven Swords, which they then learned to handle. Moreover, they collected and shared the remaining branches that still contained energy from the sacred tree with their kinsmen and taught them how to use them. This is how the "Rangers," a standing army tasked with the protection of Kamasylvia against any future invasions, was established.


Subsequent invasions were attempted by intruders who sought to use the power of the sacred Kamasylve for their own evil devices. Every single one of them ended in failure. With every invasion repelled, the Rangers honed their craft, mastering archery and their skills with the Kamasylven Sword, until the safety of the sacred tree was all but guaranteed. The Rangers were, however, unprepared for their greatest trial. This one would come from within.


The argument between Ganelle and Vedir over how one should utilize the Kamasylven Sword arose around this time. Ganelle, children of the sun, pursued harmony and communion with the spirits, whereas Vedir, children of the moon, pursued the subjugation and control of the spirits. The ideological divide between the two led to a civil war within the Rangers, and when the land was soaked with the blood of Sylvia’s descendants, the Kamasylve, the sacred tree that had slept for so long, woke up.


The sacred tree, imbued with the will of the goddess, was distraught at the carnage that had befallen its children. Seeking to undo the damage and bring an end to the conflict, the Kamasylve retracted its power from all the branches it had gifted and had turned into weapons. Order had been re-established, but at a price. As a result of this event, the descendants split. The Ganelle remained on Kamasylvia, protecting the temple built on the holy ground, while the Vedir left their native homeland and went out to the outside world in search of a new source of power. Sylvia’s children would forever be separated after that.


In order to prevent future conflict between its children, and to prepare the defense of the land from any future invasion from the dark hordes, the Kamasylve decided to share its power only to those descendants of the goddess that had proven themselves worthy. Only a Ranger who displayed extreme mental fortitude and martial prowess would be allowed to harness the last gift that the departed Mother had bequeathed them. The tree declared its will to the descendants, and then fell into a deep slumber once again.


"Only those who commune with the spirits and rule themselves shall fully inherit the power of the Kamasylve."

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