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Last Week

Last Edited on : Jun 20, 2024, 08:43 (UTC)


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on June 12, 2024 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 45 updates and is approximately 1.22 GB.



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New Additions and Improvements


Guild League

The guild-based PvP content, Guild League, which has been running a trial period, will enter a Hot Time period before its official introduction. During this period, you can acquire special titles from the Guild League, along with events offering abundant rewards.
The Hot Time period for the trial period will end on July 3. Afterward, Guild League will undergo approximately a month of reorganization to prepare for the official matches. In the meantime, the excitement will continue with the 3vs3 PvP content, Arena of Solare. These two contents will alternate to keep adventurers engaged in PvP combat.
We are working hard to ensure that the upcoming season of Arena of Solare will be enjoyable for even more adventurers. We thank all adventurers who enjoy Black Desert's PvP content.
  • Reset the penalty stats accumulated for each guild in the Guild League during maintenance on June 12 (Wed). 

  • Fixed the issue where characters performing music were showing non-Music icons above their heads.
  • Fixed the issue where the order of instruments selected during an ensemble request was incorrect.
  • Fixed the issue where the BPM of sheet music was abnormal in certain situations.

Cron Stones for Life Mastery Clothes & Accessories

Clothes (such as the Loggia Gatherer's Clothes) and accessories that increase Life Skill Mastery used to be enhanceable without consuming Enhancement Chance stacks, but required adventurers to attempt enhancing them with a fixed Enhancement Chance. Since their initial introduction, many quality of life updates have made Life Skills more accessible now more than ever. With the steady flow of Cron Stones obtainable via events and exchangeable currencies, we felt it was finally time to implement this change so you can use Cron Stones when enhancing Life Skill Mastery clothes & accessories.
  • Changed so you can now use Cron Stones when enhancing Life Skill Mastery clothes & accessories.
    • Life Mastery Clothes
      • If the enhancement fails, the enhancement level will be maintained.
Green Grade Life Skill Clothes
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Loggia Fisher's Clothes
Loggia Sailor's Clothes
Loggia Hunter's Clothes
Loggia Alchemist's Clothes
Loggia Cook's Clothes
Loggia Trainer's Clothes
Loggia Gatherer's Clothes
Loggia Craftsman's Clothes
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 20
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 120
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 525
Blue Grade Life Skill Clothes
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Crio Fisher's Clothes
Srulk Sailor's Clothes
Robeau Hunter's Clothes
Gorgath Alchemist's Clothes
Roroju Cook's Clothes
Izaro Trainer's Clothes
Carta Gatherer's Clothes
Carta Craftsman's Clothes
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 35
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 210
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 950
Orange Grade Life Skill Clothes
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Manos Trainer's Clothes
Manos Hunter's Clothes
Manos Sailor's Clothes
Manos Cook's Clothes
Manos Alchemist's Clothes
Manos Fisher's Clothes
Manos Gatherer's Clothes
Manos Craftsman's Clothes
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 60
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 355
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 1680
    • Life Mastery Accessories
      • Now you can use Cron Stones when enhancing these accessories to prevent them from being destroyed upon failure. If the enhancement fails, there is a 60% chance that the enhancement level will be maintained and a 40% chance that the enhancement level will decrease.
Loggia Accessories
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Loggia Necklace
Loggia Earring
Loggia Ring
Loggia Belt
+0 → PRI (I) 1
PRI (I) → DUO (II) 1
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 5
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 20
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 65
Geranoa Accessories
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Geranoa Necklace
Geranoa Earring
Geranoa Ring
Geranoa Belt
+0 → PRI (I) 1
PRI (I) → DUO (II) 2
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 35
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 135
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 330
Manos Accessories
Item Name Enhancement Level Required Cron Stones
Manos Necklace
Manos Earring
Manos Ring
Manos Belt
+0 → PRI (I) 25
PRI (I) → DUO (II) 80
DUO (II) → TRI (III) 275
TRI (III) → TET (IV) 1100
TET (IV) → PEN (V) 2200

Node & Conquest War
After the Node War revamp, many Adventurers have been trying and playing the revamped mode, and we would like to sincerely thank everyone who have been playing it and sending us feedback.
The current Node Wars aims to simplify the rules for better accessibility and to focus solely on combat, avoiding issues like "Guild Politics" and "Snipe/Stick Guilds" that plagued the previous system.
While many adventurers welcome and enjoy these changes, we also understand the concerns from those who preferred the old system. We appreciate your continued interest and feedback on Node Wars, and we will diligently prepare for further improvements.
Moving forward, we intend to maintain the core aspects of "easy accessibility" and "combat focus" that define the current Node War. By lowering the entry barriers, we hope more adventurers can unite with their guild members and take on the challenge of Node Wars. This will also allow adventurers who have enjoyed Node Wars in the past to continue facing a variety of guilds, making the experience more enjoyable.
We acknowledge that there are still many areas needing improvement beyond what we discussed today. Therefore, we will closely monitor adventurers' participation, combat styles, and feedback to continually enhance the completeness of the new Node War system. We aim to expand and refine it so that more adventurers can enjoy it.
Thank you.

Exquisite Cron Meals

For adventurers who enjoy PvP, a common practice is run a PvP food rotation to gain the Special Attack Evasion Rate. To maximize this effect, players often activate the food before participating in content and manage the timing carefully. In line with the purpose of the Cron Meal items, which provide various effects by consuming multiple foods packed into a meal at once, the Exquisite Cron Meals now increase your Special Attack Evasion Rate.
  • Added Special Attack Evasion Rate +5% to Exquisite Cron Meal effects.

Kaia Necklace & Chimera's Pupil Gem

The Kaia Necklace and Chimera's Pupil Gem, which were primarily used to bypass stat limits in Node Wars with their special attack extra damage effects, have been removed to align with the Node War revamp and lower the hurdle for more guilds.
  • Removed the Kaia Necklace and Chimera's Pupil Gem.
    • Changed so that they can no longer be purchased.
      • The Kaia Necklace and Chimera's Pupil Gem in possession were exchanged for 1,000,000 Silver and 100,000 Silver respectively, and the Silver was sent to the Central Market Warehouse during the June 12 maintenance.
      • The branded state of these items have been changed to return the used Item Brand Spell Stones to Heidel storage.
  • Changed the quest name and reward of Chimera's Pupil to Root Treant's Leaf Earring.
  • Changed the quest name of Black Spirit's Gift II (Kaia Necklace) to Black Spirit's Gift II (Root Treant's Petal Necklace) and the reward item to Root Treant's Petal Necklace.

Mediah & Valencia Territory Group

  • Added a Max HP limit of 8,000 to Node Wars in Mediah & Valencia Territory group.

Supply Depot (repair, horse recovery and guild item purchase)

  • Added the use of Supply Depot in Node Wars.
    • Changed so that you can construct Supply Depot during Node Wars using Annex Assembly Tools within the Node War area.
      • Changed the DP and Max Durability of Supply Depot to vary by Node War Territory group.
      • Changed the construction of Supply Depot to consume a certain amount of Guild Funds and limit the maximum number that can be built.
Supply Depot
Consumes 50 million Guild Funds, with a maximum of one depot.
You can recover horses, repair equipment, and purchase guild items at Supply Depot.
* It requires 5 seconds to be installed, same as other annexes.

  • Changed the location of the fort generated in the Eastern Border region of Serendia.
  • Fixed the issue where the Indomitable Flag could not be removed after a certain amount of time had passed during Conquest War.
  • Fixed the issue where the select button was exposed at the bottom of the Node War - Participating Guilds UI when there were no participating guilds/alliances while using the Gamepad UI.
  • Removed 2 loading screen images.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where the icons of certain quests to acquire Manor furniture blueprints were different from the blueprint items.
  • Fixed the dialogue of certain people of Altinova to be more natural.
  • Fixed the issue where the guides of certain quests in Valencia had wrong objectives.
  • Fixed the following issues for the Gamepad UI.
    • Fixed the issue where only the tooltip of the topmost item was displayed when checking the contents of the box with selectable rewards.
    • Fixed the issue where some key guides were not visible in the Transfusion window.
    • Fixed the issue where the Navigate function in the Barter Information window guided to an abnormal location in certain situations.
    • Fixed the Inventory window's position to be more natural when using the NPC Shop.
    • Fixed the issue where the key guide was not displayed or disappeared in certain situations.
      • Transfusing/removing crystals, while using Find My Item, converting to the Family Inventory
  • Fixed the issue where the World Map (M) would close when returning after checking node or town info while Crafting Notes was activated as a Sticker UI.
  • Fixed the issue where NPC shops did not open while having the Inventory as a Sticker UI.
  • [Scholar] Fixed the issue where parts of the Sunferno Bikini were unnatural.
  • Fixed the issue where the icon displayed in the top left did not match the pose when pressing the button to change to the default stance after changing to Fishing/Harpooning.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of the float equipped in the Fishing stance was not displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the character's actions were unnatural when moving onto the floor object that can control the power of Maleficent Centilutos during Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.
  • Fixed the issue where the character's actions were unnatural when moving onto the floor object during the Scarlet Thread Abyss of Abyss One: Magnus.
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal progression of the following situations where the progress bar was displayed for the first time immediately after activating Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Telescope.
    • Start Boss Blitz, changing crystals, etc.
  • Fixed the issue where corresponding titles were not obtained when Life Skill level increased after the Life Skill Family integration update.
    • Unobtained titles were distributed with the June 12 (Wed) maintenance.

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