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Adventurer's Guide

Web Storage and Coupons Guide

Last Edited on : Apr 11, 2024, 15:09 (UTC)

There are many ways to collect event rewards in Black Desert. One of the main ways is with coupons.

In this guide, we will show you how to send an item from your Web Storage to your in-game mailbox.


What is Web Storage? 

You can access the Web Storage by going to My Page. Various event rewards including coupons will be stored in the Web Storage.

You can select a Family and character to receive the rewards as in-game mail.


Still confused?

To make it easier for all Adventurers, here’s a detailed guide with screenshots.



How to use Web Storage 

Please follow the steps and refer to the images as needed.
1. Click on My Page Web Storage (left menu)
My Page  Web Storage (center)  Black Desert NA/EU.
2. Select the Web Storage you would like to use. 
3. Select the server and character that you wish to send the item to and click Next. 
4. Confirm once again that you have selected the correct item, server, and character.
5. If your selection is incorrect, click Cancel. If you are satisfied with your selection, click Send Item.
6. At the confirmation screen, you can check which items have been sent to the in-game mailbox.
Now, shall we go and check your mailbox in-game? 
7. Load the game and open your mailbox (B). The item that was sent from your Web Storage will be displayed.

Hold on! There’s more! 

Just so you know, the Web Storage also stores items that you redeemed using a coupon. Simply register your coupon at the official website. 

Let’s go ahead and learn how to register a coupon! 


How to register a coupon

There are two ways to register a coupon.  
First, you can register your coupon at the official website and receive items through Web Storage. 
Second, you can manually enter your coupon code while in-game. 
◈ Method 1: Register on the official website

This method is useful when you cannot load the game but would like to redeem a coupon in advance. 
Then, click Shop  Redeem Coupon from the drop-down menu at the top. 
Or, go to My Page  Use Black Desert Coupon  [Go to Coupon]. 
2. Once you click [Redeem Coupon], you will be directed to a page where you can type in your coupon code (16 digits). Type in the exact numbers and letters and then click [Use]!
3. Once you have correctly submitted your coupon code, go to My Page  Web Storage. 

See the item in your Web Storage like the screenshot below? If yes, then your coupon has been redeemed successfully! 

◈ Method 2: Use the in-game coupon menu and redeem instantly 

This method lets you redeem a coupon while playing the game. You can directly send the item to your in-game mailbox without having to visit the official website. 
1. Access the game with the character that you wish to receive the reward on. Open the menu (ESC) and click Adventurer Support  Use Coupon. 
2. You will see a window that asks you to enter your coupon code. Type in the exact numbers and letters and click [Use].
3. Check the items that have been sent to your in-game mailbox.

Here are some precautions to keep in mind when redeeming coupons:

- Only coupons issued by Pearl Abyss are valid.

- Each coupon code is a 16-digit alphanumeric key.

- Coupons have varying expiration dates according to each different event.

- Those who commit identity fraud may be restricted using our service.

- Entering the coupon code incorrectly for 10 consecutive attempts will result in a 1-hour block on the coupon.

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