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Adventurer's Guide


Last Edited on : Mar 28, 2023, 14:33 (UTC)

Black stones, magic crystals, Caphras stones, reform stones, and lightstones are all valuable materials that can be reused once extracted.


Alternatively, you can also obtain Cron stones or Valks’ cry items by extracting them from pearl outfits.


Talk to the Blacksmith NPCs in cities to check the different extraction options.




◈ Black Stones

You can get back black stones used to enhance your equipment through the Extract Black Stone option in the extraction menu.


You are guaranteed to get all the black stones used within the safe enhancement bracket. For instance, you can safely enhance weapons up to +7, and defense gear up to +5 with a 100% success rate.
For equipment that has been enhanced beyond the safety enhancement range, instead of all of them, only a certain amount of black stones will be extracted.


Additionally, as there’s always a chance to fail enhancements outside of the safe enhancement range, you’ll realize how inefficient it is to extract black stones from equipment pieces of high enhancement level, if you consider all the black stones that have been consumed on failed enhancement attempts.
Due to this, the most efficient way to use black stones you might want back, would be to only enhance equipment pieces up to the highest safe enhancement level, then extract them when you want to switch them. This way, you won’t lose any black stone.



Please note that the item you're extracting black stones from will be destroyed in the process.


➤ You can read more about this feature in the [Enhancement] page.



◈ Magic Crystals

To extract magic crystals from your crystal inventory, you need either a crystal extraction tool or a black spirit essence.


You can obtain a crystal extraction tool once per week in the Loyalties tab of the Pearl Shop, and can craft your own once you’ve completed the quest Techthon and the Crystal Extraction Tool given by Techthon once a character is Lv. 50.
As crafting these is expensive, it is recommended to only make your own when you need to extract the more expensive magic crystals.


Black spirit essences are available in the Pearl Shop.



Please be aware that removing a magic crystal from your crystal inventory without any of these two items will result in the magic crystal being destroyed.


➤ You can read more about this topic in the [Magic Crystals] page.



◈ Outfits

You can extract Valks’ cry and Cron stones from pearl outfits obtained from the Pearl Shop, login rewards, and events.



Valks’ cry is an item that when used will increase your enhancement chance by +1.
You can use up to 10 of them in order to increase your character’s enhancement chance by a total of +10 per stack. This value is separated from your regular enhancement chance, and is added on top of it. Completing Adventure Logs will raise this maximum number.


Cron stones are used when enhancing equipment pieces of DUO enhancement level or above. It keeps the piece at its current enhancement level even if the enhancement attempt fails. Otherwise, the enhancement level will drop.
The amount of Cron stones required depends on the item you're enhancing.


Read the item’s tooltip to see how many Valks’ cry and Cron stones you can get from it.



Functional costumes like desert camouflage, treant camouflage, and others cannot be extracted, therefore, you cannot get Valks’ cry or Cron stones from them.


➤ You can read more about this type of equipment in the [Outfits & Costumes] page.



◈ Caphras Stones

Caphras stones can be extracted from equipment improved with Caphras enhancement.


When extracting Caphras stones, only 95% of the Caphras stones infused into the equipment piece are extracted.
In addition, 100,000 silver are paid for each Caphras stone to be extracted.




After you’ve extracted the Caphras stones from the equipment piece, the item will not be destroyed, and its normal enhancement level will be kept. However, it will lose all the bonuses obtained from Caphras enhancement.


➤ You can read more about this in the [Caphras Enhancement] page.



◈ Reform Stones

Equipment that has been upgraded via the use of reform stones can be returned to its original state by extracting the reform stone.
Extracting the reform stone is also necessary if you want to sell the equipment piece.


Certain materials are consumed when extracting these stones, and the type of material consumed depends on the type of equipment.
Please check the table below for details.


Equipment Type

Extraction Material

Ultimate Weapon / Defense Gear

Restoration Stone

Combatant's Tuvala Gear

Combatant's Restoration Stone

Obsidian Blackstar Gear

Mirror of Equilibrium

Heart-infused (Fiery, Storm Devoured, etc) Weapons

Cup-infused (Moonlit, Starlit, etc) Accessories

Refined Essence of Emotions


– Restoration stones and combatant’s restoration stones can be purchased from any blacksmith in a city.
– Mirror of Equilibrium can be purchased from Hughol, Duvencrune’s blacksmith.
– Refined essence of emotions must be crafted. It requires Fragment of All Creation x10, Legacy of the Ancient x10, Forest Fury x10, Fused Crystal of Emotions x20, Magical Shard x100.


Additionally, a mirror of equilibrium can extract blessed & exalted alchemy stones and gauche master matchlocks, but keep in mind their reform stone will be destroyed in the process. Instead, you will only receive a single ingredient item from the many you needed to originally create the reform stone.




◈ Lightstones

You can extract lightstones infused into artifacts with a lightstone extraction tool.
This tool can be purchased from any blacksmith in a town, and each one costs 10 million silver.



➤ You can read more about this in the [Artifacts & Lightstones] page.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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