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Adventurer's Guide

Death Penalties

Last Edited on : Jun 12, 2024, 10:24 (UTC)

If a character dies, there is a death penalty depending on what caused the death.


If you die fighting monsters, you may experience a decrease in combat EXP, destruction of magic crystals, and destruction of trade goods.
In particular, magic crystals are easily destroyed, so you should always be careful.
The combat EXP loss can also become a notable burden once you’ve leveled up enough, so always keep it in mind and pay attention.


No death penalty is applied for a death caused during PvP, unless the character involved possesses negative karma.



Resurrection Spot

When your character dies, you can select a resurrection location.
If you don’t choose a location within the 10-minute waiting time, it resurrects automatically depending on the situation.


If you have revival items such as ‘Elion’s Tear,’ and check it for use, you’ll see the combat EXP is restored. The same is not applied to destroyed magic crystals and trade goods.



◈ Instant Resurrection

If you have an Elion’s tear, you can resurrect on the exact spot.
In the arena, you can resurrect immediately on the spot even without this item.
However, if you die in a conquest area or in the water, you can’t use the item.


Elion’s tears can be obtained from events, certain challenges, season content, and crafted via simple alchemy (hotkey: L) with Mystical Spirit Powder x100 and Tears of War x1.



◈ Resurrect at the Closest Town

You resurrect from a town that is closest to the node where you died.
If there is no town that has been discovered in the same territory, you will be resurrected from the closest town possible.



◈ Resurrect at the Closest Safe Zone

You will be resurrected at the nearest node within the territory of the area where you died. The node must be already discovered.
Characters with negative karma may be resurrected at undiscovered nodes, and will respawn at one of the three nearby nodes, at random.
Additionally, keep in mind that if there is no node within a certain distance, this menu option may not be available.



◈ Conquest War Resurrection

Only Conquest War participants have this option displayed. Resurrect near the stronghold or command post you belong to during the conflict.



Negative Karma Penalty – Normal

Your family karma value decreases when you do actions that harm others, such as stealing from NPCs or unilaterally killing other Adventurers, and increases when you kill monsters.


If you counterattack and kill an opponent who first flagged up (activated PvP mode) and attacked you, it is recognized as self-defense and does not affect your karma, but otherwise, it is recognized as player-killing and your karma is decreased.


If you preemptively attack another Adventurer by activating PvP mode yourself, your karma will decrease by 10,000 points, and if you kill them, it will decrease by 200,000 points.
Therefore, if you kill an opponent who did not counterattack, you will lose a total of 210,000 karma.


It should be noted that karma cannot be raised above 300,000, so if you kill more than 2 Adventurers in a row, it will drop below 0 and you will be severely penalized.


If your karma continues to go down, it becomes negative (negative karma), and various penalties are applied to your characters.



◈ Attacked in a Safe Zone

Negative karma Adventurers can be attacked even in safe zones, such as towns, and receive a death penalty upon death.



◈ Enhanced Death Penalty

When a negative karma character dies, more equipment magic crystals are destroyed, or their enhancement levels are reduced.
However, as with the normal penalty, enhancement level reduction, and magic crystal destruction do not apply at the same time, and the enhancement level reduction cannot occur while in the Valencian desert.



◈ Resurrection Spot

If you select to resurrect at a node when possessing negative karma, you will be resurrected in one of the three nearest nodes, regardless of territory or exploration status.



◈ Attacked by NPCs

The guard NPCs guarding the different towns will attack negative karma characters on sight.
Since the guards roam around the towns as well as their borders, it becomes difficult to use the usual town functionalities while suffering from these penalties.
That said, you will not be attacked by guards in the bandit haven of Muiquun.



Negative Karma Penalty – Desert

In desert areas, such as within the eponymous Black Desert, if you kill another Adventurer even if you don't have negative karma, you will become a fugitive for 30 minutes and receive a penalty similar to the negative karma status.


Even if you do not activate PvP, you can be attacked by other Adventurers even if your karma is 0 or higher. This is due to the desert’s lawless status.


If you are killed by a monster/environment, you only receive the penalty of broken magic crystals and reduced combat experience.


As seen above, killing another Adventurer while in the desert will show everybody around you your new status as a fugitive.


The mark disappears after 30 minutes, or if you move to the jail, but remember that dying in a non-desert area will not remove the mark.


If you leave the desert area, you will receive the disadvantages according to your karma.
For this reason, it is important to check frequently to make sure that your karma has not fallen below 0 and that you are not out of the desert area.


* Representative desert areas of Valencia: Red Desert, Great Desert of Valencia, Cantusa Desert, Northern Sand Dune, Southern Sand Dune, Crescent Shrine, Titium Valley, Desert Naga Temple, Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins, Roud Sulfur Mine, Pila Ku Jail.



All Regions (except desert)


Karma Value

Positive Karma (0 or above)

Negative Karma (-1 and below)

Positive Karma (0 or above)

Negative Karma (-1 and below)

Crystal Break

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ✔️

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

Loss of EXP

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ✔️

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

Chance of Gear Downgrade

PvE Death ❌

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ✔️

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ❌

PvP Death ❌

PvE Death ❌

PvP Death ❌


Note that trade goods can be destroyed at a certain chance regardless of karma or region.


If a negative karma Adventurer is killed by other Adventurers or NPCs in the desert area, they are forcibly sent to jail, and a punishment debuff is applied.
To leave jail you must either work to repay for your crime, or try to escape by dodging between the guards.


You will no longer be marked as a fugitive once the 30 minutes elapse or when you go to jail. However, you will continue to be seen as a fugitive if you die outside of the desert.


If you receive a punishment debuff, all combat actions are limited, movement speed is reduced by 50%, mounts cannot be summoned, and the escape option from the main menu will not move you outside jail.

If you are killed by NPCs or other Adventurers while in there, you can only resurrect in the jail, and you will not be further penalized.
However, you will be restricted from using content such as the Red Battlefield and horse racing, guild gathering orders, guild fort creation, and the horse’s flute.
Due to these limited actions and movements, it is recommended that you exit/escape the jail as quickly as possible while under the punishment buff.


There are two ways to get out of the prison camp.
NPCs are placed at each entrance and exit of the place, and inside, a guard NPC is attacking and monitoring.
In order to escape the camp, you can complete the quest through the entrance NPC to remove the punishment buff, or you can avoid the guard NPC's surveillance and run to the exit to escape.


If the quest you already received from the jail is in progress, you cannot escape even if the punishment buff is removed, so you must complete or abandon the quest before attempting to escape.


If you complete the quest given by the jail entrance NPC or successfully escape by avoiding the prison guard NPC, Adventurers with a karma of 0 or higher will be moved directly to Ibellab Oasis, and Adventurers with -1 or lower will be moved to the bandit haven of Muiquun.



Negative Karma Penalty – Naval Fame

Naval fame increases by killing sea monsters, and decreases by pre-empting or destroying other Adventurers’ ships.


If your naval fame drops below 0, you become a pirate and will be attacked by the coastal guard NPCs on each town’s wharf.
Additionally, if you are killed by another character or NPC, you may receive the following disadvantages:


1. Upon death, magic crystals and lightstones may be destroyed.
2. An item’s enhancement level may decrease.


Finally, most wharf managers cannot be interacted with while you’re a pirate, and supplying your ship is only available from the wharf manager of the Kuit Islands, Gapur.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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