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Adventurer's Guide


Last Edited on : Dec 5, 2023, 16:46 (UTC)


Compared to regular houses that can be set as personal residences and have their interior freely decorated, manors are bigger spaces, with both interior and outdoor areas, that offer a wider range of options to personalize them.


Manors are made with a huge emphasis on expanding the content of decorating one's residences. Therefore, a good chunk of the decorative content is available outside the manor itself, thus allowing one greater freedom to decorate all of the areas within the manor’s premises. Aside from this, depending on the manor, they may also have a section for all things terrace-related, which can be decorated as well.


Alongside the manors themselves, come manor-exclusive furniture to choose from. Various items such as grass and flowers to liven up your own garden, different lighting to accentuate your manor's majesty at night, a wide assortment of trees, and more.

With spaces as big as these, why not host a concert in the garden, open up a mock-dueling circle, or even expand your fields into farms?


Blue Maned Lion's Manor


If you move east along the Demi River that passes in front of Heidel, before you reach the Eastern Border you will find the Blue Maned Lion's Manor.


It is a place with a wide yard that can be freely decorated with sculptures, trees, flowers, and fountains, and an interior that provides a sense of openness with high ceilings.


After solving a few simple quests, you can rent it with 5 contribution points and a daily rental fee of 1,000,000 silver


◈ How to rent

After completing the main questline for Calpheon, either Looking for Adventurers or [Boss] Witch of Horrors, or the simplified questline for season characters up to the 6th chapter, you can receive the quest [Manor] Crucio Domongatt's Summon through the Black Spirit.




After completing the questline, go to the Blue Maned Lion's Manor located along the Eastern Border.



When you approach the door, you will see a button to purchase it. It costs 5 contribution points.
Contribution points used will be returned to you when you return the house.



After investing the contribution points, press the R key to open the door, and you can proceed with the contract as shown below.



You can set the length of the contract from 1 day up to 365 days by tapping the gear icon next to the contract period.


The rental amount is 1,000,000 silver per day, but discounts apply for contracts of 30 days or more. If you return the manor before the expiration of the contract period, you will receive the proportional part of your silver back, minus some fees according to the remaining period.


You can check the discount on usage cost and the fee for returning the house by hovering your cursor over the question mark button to the left of the usage amount.


◈ Furniture

Once the quests to let you rent the manor are completed, many more quests will become available throughout Black Desert’s world. These reward unique furniture pieces for the manor.

Please check the following pages for a detailed list of manor furniture and how to obtain it:


[Manor Furniture and Sculptures (Outdoor)]

[Manor Furniture and Lighting (Indoor)]

[Manor Furniture and Lighting (Indoor & Outdoor)]



Shimhyangje and Solbaram Neowa House

Located in the Land of the Morning Light, far away from the land of Serendia, you can rent and use two manors vastly different from the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor.
Complete the following main quests to gain access to the manor rentals from Shimhyangje and Solbaram Neowa House.




Solbaram Neowa House


You can find the manor location by pressing the manor icon on the World Map (hotkey: M).
Like with the manor of Lord Domongatt, you can rent each manor here with 5 contribution points and a certain amount of silver, depending on the rental period.



Solbaram Neowa House

[LoML] Ruler of Taebaek - Ruler of Taebaek

[LoML] Tale of the Officers - Dokkebi's Gift


To reach these quests, you need to progress through the main questline of the Land of the Morning Light. Please check the [Collection of Tales] page for more information about it.



The rental period and discount prices for Shimhyangje and the Solbaram Neowa House are as follows. Note that the silver required for rent will be paid from My Silver.



Solbaram Neowa House

1,000,000 silver per day

100,000 silver per day

Rental period

Discount (%)

Less than 30 days


More than 30 - less than 90 days


More than 90 - less than 180 days


More than 180 - less than 365 days


365 days



◈ Furniture

As with the manor in Serendia, these two manors come with a wide variety of furniture that can be obtained and used to decorate them to your heart’s content.


Please check the following pages for a detailed list of manor furniture and how to obtain it:


– [LotML Manor Furniture (Part 1)] (Coming soon)
– [LotML Manor Furniture (Part 2)] (Coming soon)



About Renting and Returning Manors

If you wish to return a rented manor before the rental period ends, you can receive a partial refund of the silver you paid through your Mail window (hotkey: B) based on the remaining rental days. Please note that only a portion of the silver will be refunded, proportionate to the remaining days.


Once the rental period has expired, the rented manor can no longer be used, and all items placed within it will be sent to storage (Blue Maned Lion’s Manor → Heidel, Shimhyangje → Dalbeol Village, Solbaram Neowa House → Nampo Moodle Village).


Remaining days

Deduction rate (%)

Less than 30


More than 30 - less than 90


More than 90 - less than 180


More than 180 - less than 365


365 days


 * The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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