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Adventurer's Guide

Skill Add-ons

Last Edited on : May 3, 2023, 15:39 (UTC)

Skill add-ons refer to the additional effects you can “add-on” to certain skills to aid you greatly in combat.


Skill add-ons can be easily applied to your skills if you meet the necessary requirements, and the effects are a must-have for Adventurers seeking to improve themselves.


Skill add-ons require you to be Lv. 50 or higher.
You can apply up to 6 skill add-ons, with each one unlocked at levels 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60.


➤ For the basics regarding skills in Black Desert, please check the [Skills] page.



◈ How to Apply Skill Add-ons

① Once you’ve reached Lv. 50, head to the nearest Skill Instructor NPC in any major city.



Regardless of their location, these NPCs all offer the same functions. Find one in a major city near you to use the Skill Add-ons function.


② Interact with the NPC, then select “Skill Add-ons" to proceed to the screen displayed below:



③ First, select the skill you wish to “add-on” an effect to.



It’s most efficient to choose a skill you use regularly in battle, and one that has a short cooldown.


④ Lastly, select the effect from the list that you wish to “add-on” to the selected skill.



You can select up to two different effects, which will activate when the selected skill hits a target.



◈ How to Efficiently Use Skill Add-ons


1. First Method

You cannot stack the same "add-on" effect multiple times on one skill. However, you can choose to have the same effect for other skills.


For example, you can’t “add-on” the “Extra Damage to Monsters +20 for 7 sec“ effect to skill (A) twice, but you can add that same effect to both skills (A) and (B).


That said, do note that applying the same effect to skills (A) and (B) will not result in an extension of the effect’s duration (i.e., “Extra Damage to Monsters +20 for 14 sec) but will rather re-apply the original effect each time skills (A) and (B) hit a target.


Therefore, you must consider the skills you combo with during battles, which skill add-on effects will be most important to maintain active during combat, that you aren’t over-investing wholly in just one single effect, and that you’re activating multiple skill add-on effects in order to utilize them efficiently.



2. Second Method
The types of skill add-on effects you can apply to skills are the same, but there are discrepancies in the numerical values applied to certain skills.
Please refer to the examples below:




Example 1) Berserker > Skill Add-on effects for "Fearsome Tyrant”
Example 2) Berserker > Skill Add-on effects for "Rock Smash”


As observed above, the numerical values of skill add-on effects differ per skill.
Therefore, it is important to calculate the actual values of the effects applied to the skills used in your combos to make the most efficient use of skill add-ons.

◈ Additional Tips!

1. Skill Add-ons for Ultimate or Prime Skills
When getting skill add-ons, you would typically get them for the lowest level of the skill. However, if you continue to level up said skill, and learn the additional skills that branch off from it, then the add-on effects will be applied to those additional skills as well.
As shown above, if you were to get add-ons for “Raging Thunder I”, then "Absolute: Raging Thunder" will also get the add-on effects.
2. What is Damage to Humans?
Under what circumstances would a “Extra Damage to Humans +10” be applied?
In Black Desert, humans refer to all playable characters as well as those monsters that are labeled as humans.


– Playable Character
All playable characters in Black Desert. Regardless of their appearance, they are considered to be human.
The same goes for characters like the cute little Shai and the pointed-eared Dark Knight.


– Monster
In the case of monsters, the types of monsters that can be encountered in the different monster zones are divided into four categories: Humans, Demihuman, Kamasylvian, and Neutral.


Types of Monsters


If you remember the icon for each type, you can quickly identify a monster’s type by checking the icon next to their health bar.


Example – Kagtum Raider


In short, if you apply an effect to do extra damage against humans through a skill add-on, it will be effective against both monsters that are considered human, and all PvP targets (other Adventurers).


* For example, in the case of human monsters, both the "monster additional attack power" effect and the "human additional damage" effect are applied.



3. How to Reset Skill Add-ons
You can change either the skill with the add-ons, or just the add-on effects, by using Memory Fragment x1.
However, if you have either the Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide or the Secret Book of Old Moon buff effects active, then you can make as many changes to skill add-ons as you like, without spending any memory fragments.



4. Use Skill Presets to Save Skill Add-ons




Try using the presets in the Skills window (hotkey: K).
Not only does this function allow you to save the skills you’ve learned, it also saves the skill add-on effects as well!



5. Another Way to Get Skill Add-ons
Try looking for an Adventurer with the title “Unrivaled” above their head and interact with them.
They have a special ability that enables other Adventurers to get skill add-ons.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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