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Adventurer's Guide

Adventure Log

Last Edited on : Mar 7, 2023, 14:16 (UTC)

During your journey throughout the world of Black Desert you’ll encounter many characters with their own problems and dreams. In some cases, these will have been written down into books. 
When you find yourself with such a case, you can retrace the steps the person took in the past, or carry out their dream, and receive rewards in return.


Once you unlock / obtain such a book, it will be added to your adventure log bookshelf.
You can access the Adventure Log window through the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Adventure (F5) → Adventure Log Bookshelf.



The adventure log bookshelf is a family-based feature where you can follow and rediscover various stories within the game through quests recorded in each book chapter. You can obtain great rewards every time you complete said quests.


As you move through each volume and shelf, you can obtain additional AP, DP, HP, stamina, weight limit, and other stats that will be applied to all characters in your family. This content can also increase the maximum amount of Agris fever points, which increases the amount of certain loot from monster zones and gathering, and Valks' cry that can be used to enhance equipment.


As such, we highly recommend unlocking and completing all the adventure logs that are available.



◈ The Basics 

The adventure log bookshelf is divided into main themes, and each one contains one or more adventure logs. Within these you can find several volumes (books) that correspond to the log. Finally, each book will contain several pages with individual rewards for completing them.For example, within the Crow Merchants’ Records theme you will find the Caphras’ Record adventure log, which consists of four volumes. Each book consists of several pages, and completing them individually will reward you Caphras stones. Upon completing a volume, the next one will be unlocked.


To complete the individual pages (quests) of a book, you need to carry out the task for that page.
The tasks asked of you in these adventure logs are varied. From completing other questlines, carrying out certain activities such as defeating monsters, doing a specific life skill activity, or exploring the world, to talking with NPCs and giving them certain items, and more.


At first, you will see the Reward button at the bottom of the page, where the reward is shown, appear in gray (①). Upon completing the page’s objective, it will glow red and a checkmark will be added to the page’s goal above it (②). Once this happens, press the button. The button’s borders will turn red, and the page will receive a completion stamp (③).



The rewards will be received the moment you press the button. If they’re items, they will be found in your character’s inventory. If they’re stats, they will be automatically applied to your family.


It is important to know that you cannot proceed with each adventure log right away, as they are unlocked once certain conditions are met. Below is a table that shows the adventure logs available, and the necessary conditions to unlock & proceed with them.


Igor Bartali's Adventures 
(Igor Bartali's Adventures) 

• Reach Lv. 51
• Complete one of the following quests:
• Looking for Adventurers, [Boss] Witch of Horrors, or [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6


(All the quests mentioned above represent the completion of the main questline of Calpheon, either for most characters, those created before the questline’s revamp in 2018, or for season characters.)

Shakatu Merchants’ Archive
(Deve’s Encyclopedia, Alustin’s Alchemy, Dorin Morgrim’s Secrets)

• Reach Lv. 57
• Complete the [Adventure Log] Shakatu Merchants' Archive quest via the Black Spirit.

Completing the quest unlocks the following 3 logs at once:

– Deve's Encyclopedia

– Alustin's Alchemy

– Dorin Morgrim's Secrets

Crow Merchants’ Records 

(Rulupee’s Travels, Lamute Gang’s Adventures, Caphras’ Record, Fughar’s Road to Success) 

• Reach Lv. 55
• Complete the [Adventure Log] Crow Merchants' Records quest via the Black Spirit.            
Completing the quest unlocks the following 4 logs at once:
– Rulupee's Travels
– Caphras' Record - Vol. 2
– Fughar's Road to Success
– Lamute Gang's Adventures
Old Moon Logs 
(Book of Margahan, Herald’s Journal, Pavino Greko’s Collection)
• Reach Lv. 58
• Complete the [Adventure Log] Old Moon Logs quest via the Black Spirit.

Completing the quest unlocks the following 2 logs at once: 
– Book of Margahan
– Herald's Journal

Note that in order to unlock the Old Moon logs volumes 7-10 (Pavino Greko's Collection), you must accept individual quests from Pavino Greko, the storage keeper of Port Epheria, in Calpheon.


Outside these, there also exists a theme for event adventure logs. These tend to be centered around seasonal festivities that occur only once per year, and can only be progressed and completed during the event’s duration.



◈ What Can You Obtain from Adventure Logs?

As you complete each chapter (page), you will be able to obtain their specified rewards.



You can obtain the specified rewards after completing the objective of a certain chapter, which will also unlock the next chapter.



■ Rewards by Adventure Log





Igor Bartali's Adventures 

Igor Bartali's Adventures volumes 1-15 

• All AP +4  

• All DP +2  

• All Accuracy +9  

• All Evasion +8  

• Max HP +90  

• Max Stamina +70  

• Weight Limit +28LT  

• Inventory Slot +4 

Shakatu Merchants’ Archive 

Deve's Encyclopedia volumes 1-6  

• All AP +1  

• Max HP +27 

• Max Stamina +3  

• Weight Limit +2LT 

Alustin’s Alchemy volumes 1-3 

• Caphras Stone x500 

Dorin Morgrim’s Secrets volumes 1-2 

• All AP +1  

• All DP +1  

• Max HP +25

• Stamina +10

Crow’s Merchant Records

Rulupee’s Travels 

• Max HP +18  

• Weight Limit +6LT  

• Inventory Slot +1  

• Permanent Enhancement Chance +5 

Lamute Gang’s Adventures volumes 1-5 

• Lamute Gang's Benns Coin x8 

• Rainbow Petal Coin x14  

• Rainbow Fish Bone Coin x14 

Caphras’ Record volumes 1-4    

• Caphras Stone x300 

Fughar’s Road to Success volumes 1-3 

• All DP +1

• Weight Limit +2LT

• Inventory Slot +1

• Fughar's Secret Book x12

Old Moon Logs

Book of Margahan volumes 1-2


• Max Agris Fever Points +50,000 Agris Fever Item Drop Amount +50%

• Agris Fever Recovery Points +5,000


Herald's Journal volumes 1-4

• All DP +1

• Max HP +5

• Max Stamina +43

• Max Valks Enhancement Chance +3

• Valks’ Cry x40

Pavino Greko's Collection volumes 1-2

• Max HP +600

* The information in this guide may differ to actual content found in game due to content updates and changes. 

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