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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide


Last Edited on : Jan 23, 2024, 14:39 (UTC)

Black Desert’s servers work in a One World System. Each region is considered a world. Example: North America (NA) is its own world, and Europe (EU) is a different world. Characters are accessible across an entire region, no matter the server. You can access any server with any character, barring a couple of restrictions explained below.


Jumping from one server, also called a channel, to another has a 5-minute waiting period. However, guilds can assign 3 channels as their "Guild Base Servers". On these channels, you can swap back and forth without the 5-minute waiting period.

However, for those servers assigned as base servers by a guild, all guild members can jump between them with no waiting period.


Servers are separated into server groups. Each group shares the same server chat.
For example, if you enter the Serendia 1 server, you can chat with Adventurers currently in Serendia 2.


There are a few servers that serve special purposes:



◈ Season

Only season characters can access them. They’re tailored for the season experience, which includes for example being able to obtain certain items in them that are only used in season content.


New Adventurers should join the Season 1 (Novice only) server, as it offers a better initial experience. Please do note that once a new Adventurer has reached a level above 200 (counting the level of all characters) they will no longer be able to access this server.


Seasons come and go, and thus you may see no season servers available in the server list during the down time from one season to the next.


Please note that certain items and functions are restricted from being used in season servers, such as Caphras enhancement and certain alchemy stones (Vell’s Heart and Khan’s Heart) for example.



◈ New Olvia

New Olvia servers can only be accessed by new or returning Adventurers. These servers are considered growth servers, and offer an increased rate of character experience gained by the Adventurers that can play in them. In detail:


– You get +150% combat experience and +50% skill experience from Lv. 50 onward.

– You get +100% life experience for any Life Skill under Artisan 1.

– You get additional contribution experience that varies on the amount of contribution points you already have (from +150% to +50%, decreasing the more points you have).


Please note that in New Olvia servers you can only level characters up to Lv. 61 (61.99%).

What is considered a new or returning Adventurer?


– Adventurers logging in within 60 days (1440 hours) of creating a character family are considered new Adventurers.
– Adventurers still within 60 days (1440 hours) of setting up their secondary password are considered new Adventurers.

– Adventurers who haven’t logged in to the game for at least 30 days (720 hours), and haven’t used the Web Central Market (via the Black Desert+ app or the official website) for at least 30 days are considered returning Adventurers.

Note that World Bosses will NOT appear in New Olvia servers.



◈ Arsha

Arsha servers are PvP-centric. They offer better item drop rates (+50% item drop rate) when defeating monsters, but any form of PvP (even forced) is not penalized.


As with ordinary servers, PvP can only be activated by Adventurers above Lv. 50.
While initiating an attack to kill another Adventurer will NOT lower one’s karma, if a character with already negative karma enters a PvP server, the usual non-karma penalties will still be in effect.


In the Arsha: Anonymous server, one is free from the constraints of worrying about their opponent's name, which guild they hail from, or if they've remembered to activate forced PvP.


Note that World Bosses will NOT appear in Arsha servers, both normal and season ones.



◈ Node/Conquest War

Most servers that end with the number 1, like Calpheon 1, host node and conquest wars, a PvP feature, every day. During these conflicts, monsters disappear, and a passerby is at risk of getting involved if they’re unaware of the locations that take part in the battles.

Servers featuring node wars and conquest wars are:

– Balenos 1
– Serendia 1
– Calpheon 1
– Mediah 1
– Valencia 1
– Kamasylvia 1

Node wars are held in all the aforementioned servers, while conquest wars are held in Calpheon 1, Mediah 1, and Valencia 1.


Each server wages war over its namesake territory. For example, in Calpheon 1 the conflict is over the territory of Calpheon.


Conquest war occurs on Saturday, while node wars occur all other days.



In the image above can be seen the different symbols for various servers, with their name shown in the legend.
• The yellow speech bubble, which indicates season servers.
• The red sword and shield, which indicates the PvP-focused Arsha servers.
• The green EXP symbol, which indicates New Olvia servers.
• The yellow shield with a crown, which indicates your guild’s base servers.
• The crossed yellow swords, which indicate there is a node / conquest war in progress in the server.
• The red general prohibition symbol, which indicates you cannot move to another server for 10 minutes after moving to one.
• The yellow and red danger symbols, which indicate scheduled and ongoing maintenance in the server.


Conquest war occurs on Saturday, while node wars occur all other days.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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